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Alexandr Dugin – We are dealing with a barbaric, terrible force.

Alexandr Dugin:

“We are dealing with a barbaric, terrible force. There are no rules anymore, we are in a completely different phase of global confrontation. And we must realize that we can hardly resolve this crisis by soft negotiation. We must be strong, we must win, we must mobilize our entire society.

We laughed a lot at them. At Biden, who is out of his mind, at Zelensky, who is a drug addict, but the West attacks us very harshly, and sometimes effectively and painfully. This theme of mockery of the enemy has exhausted itself, we need to take this battle seriously.

A drug addict and a senile old man communicating with spirits is a facade. Behind this is the iron power of Anglo-Saxon and NATO civilization, the West, liberalism, globalism. This is the result of the last 500 years of their history.

They stand for their idea, a totally false and totally inhuman idea, but most importantly, we have no place at all in their world. We must realize that we are condemned, and no compromise can be reached with this terrible, dark, cruel force. We must be mobilized for this fundamental confrontation in order to save Russia, humanity, and the world in the end.”


3 Responses to “Alexandr Dugin – We are dealing with a barbaric, terrible force.”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    A very powerful statement by Mr Dugin that is spot on the money for me. How can any dispassionate observer argue with this?

    Hopefully they will not let the rest of humanity down. This evil force that is loose needs to be tamed, and who else will do it other than Russia

    Hopefully too I am not being misled and that Russia is NOT at all part of the hidden global “elites” Great Reset, as many think

    We should know soon enough I suppose. A tough winter beckons for Europe it seems

    • ian says:

      I hope Russia is the real deal Pete. I really do, otherwise we’re looking at a bleak even short future.

  2. nixon scraypes says:

    This Anglo Saxon stuff really gets me down- talk about misplaced blame. Starting with England – since 1066 the ruling class have been Norman with their Jewish taxgatherers. I wish someone would tell the Russians that their enemy is the City of London which is not Anglo Saxon.