Alexander Pulls no Punches; Political Class in Chaos and Denial

The Remainer Establishment are back in control, Gov’t disintegrating, but can’t find anyone to take over until they get Starmer in place.

Who leads Britain is decided by the permanent State.

Last couple of days they finally understand how catastrophic the situation is; panic as things are spiralling out of control.

Political class will not change course; in state of denial.

Alexander has never known the situation to be so bad.

Listen to hear his tone of voice and passionate expression.

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4 Responses to “Alexander Pulls no Punches; Political Class in Chaos and Denial”

  1. Aldous says:

    “Alexander has never known the situation to be so bad.”
    Me neither danceaway.
    The Deep State seem to have painted themselves into a coffin corner and cornered animals are the most to be feared.
    We used to use the expression ‘coffin corner’ when taking off too early with insufficient airspeed then losing an engine. The remaining engine(s) weren’t able to maintain lift and the only way was downwards to Mother Earth where it all went dark on them and into infinite night.
    I’ve also witnessed pilots who took their eyes off the ball on approach and got below the glide slope not realising that one of their engines had malfunctioned.
    On spooling up to regain the glide slope they inevitably flipped over and met their Maker.
    I felt for the ground crews who had to recover what was left of these guys. They were visibly affected by the trauma.
    C’est la vie.

  2. Tapestry says:

    He must realise that collapsing ‘democracy’ is all part of the agenda. It makes you wonder about A Christoforou

  3. danceaway says:

    It seems to me this is one of those blind spots which Alexander has. It is difficult to understand.

    My gut feeling is that Alex C is more aware, judging from the language he uses, but how much more?

  4. Aldous says:

    Truss is a really horrid, hateful, wretched and incapable political cow that definitely needs culling figuratively speaking.
    I’ve had to kill many a hateful bastard in my military days but it has to be said that most of them were much better off dead and gone.
    I feel guilty at times for some as we all do if we’re not careful. but they all had it coming in some way or other.
    We all have it coming.
    Nothing more certain in Life than Death.