Alexander Mercouris’ Analysis of Putin’s Valdai Speech Yesterday

A colossal speech; an extremely structured speech; his most philosophical , most serious, most thoughtful, most intellectual; if one goes back to he 2007 Munich Security Council when he first spoke on these topics.

There is not a single world leader other than Putin who has the intellectual ability to talk in this fashion.

A man very confident in his handling of vast ideas and thoughts.

An anti-imperialsit vision of the future; each nation and culture able to develop.  Everyone to be respected, follow their own course.

Clear about who is trying to create a globalist dictatorship. This is a revolutionary situation.

Pitehed to the whole world.

Contrasts how Russia vs west conducts international trade. Russia creates an entire industry, does not destroy it. Massively attractive to Africa, Latin America.

Is a country whose President can conduct a 5 hour speech/ Q and A,  about to collapse?

Russia has new confidence from the success of its economy surviving the sanctions.


One Response to “Alexander Mercouris’ Analysis of Putin’s Valdai Speech Yesterday”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Excellent report from Alexander and Alex. Alexander succinctly explains Putin’s recent speech, title: “A post hegemonic world: Justice and security for Everyone”. Great title for a start! Great ambition too! And what a wind up for western “leaders”

    When one listens to what Putin actually says then, how can one think that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing [as many suggest]? It is impossible, it goes totally against his philosophy, his future plans and everything that he has actually achieved so far

    He’s the worlds greatest current statesman by a long, long, way. Who else comes even close? He speaks frankly and clearly, and he speaks directly to the whole world too. The wise folk will listen to him

    He is a giant surrounded by western pygmies, he towers above them all. He has played a very long term strategic game and is more now open. I guess that that he thinks that he is now on firmer ground. To imagine that he is lying is just plain ridiculous

    Having said all that then, he cannot be any sort of saint. Who ever can in this sort of role? Hard choices always need to be made

    No wonder the collective west leadership makes sure that they NEVER report what he actually says in their controlled media. No wonder they all hate him. They aren’t fit to lick his boots