AIDS Bio-Weapon Prefigured COVID “Vaccines”

October 20, 2022


In Queer Blood: The Secret Aids Genocide Plot, (1993)
Alan Cantwell JR., M.D. proves decisively
that AIDS is a man-made disease released 
into select populations through vaccination trials.

Cantwell writes, ‘A group of bio-warfare experts, appearing before a United Nations panel in 1969, estimated that the cost of a large-scale killing operation against a civilian population would amount to $2,000 per square kilometer with conventional weapons, $800 with nuclear weapons, $600 with nerve-gas weapons, and $1 with biological weapons.’ Bio-weapons also ‘have the distinct advantage of killing life without destroying property.’
from March 19, 2011
by DR


The AIDS virus is a bio-weapon designed to realize a host of NWO objectives, such as third-world depopulation. Here is some of the evidence  has assembled:

– In 1969, a Col. MacArthur testified to Congress, requesting $10 million for the Pentagon to develop, within 10 years (AIDS appeared in 1979), synthetic viruses that would be resistant to the human immune system.

Congress granted the money.

– A 1972 World Health Organization memorandum spelled out the coming pandemic. The report indicated that infection with certain retroviruses could result in “selective damage” to the immune system, particularly white blood cells known as “T-cells” (AIDS destroys T-cells.) This immune system damage could also lead to cancer (AIDS sufferers have a high risk of developing cancers.) The report went on to document WHO experiments infecting animals with such diseases.

wolf.jpeg– Working for Merck, Wolf Szemuness, left, gave an experimental Hepatitis B vaccine to the gay population of New York starting in 1978. He also conducted various experimental vaccine programs in Africa at the same time. AIDS appeared exclusively in both areas shortly after, as a white homosexual disease in America and a black heterosexual one in Africa!

– The first man to expose the AIDS as a bio-weapon was Robert Strecker. He predicted, “AIDS is just the beginning. Soon other AIDS-like diseases will be discovered- all with viruses of unknown origin.” ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ followed vaccinations of US servicemen in the first gulf war.

AIDS has been a bio-weapon of devastating effect. It has killed over 25 million people and shows few signs of ceasing anytime soon. Around 1.5 million Africans die each year from the virus, while 2 million people are currently HIV-positive in Latin America.
 In the US, over half a million people have died of AIDS- the equivalent to the entire population of Las Vegas. European countries are also hard hit, although it is under reported. For instance, it is estimated 86,500 people in the UK are HIV positive. As a UK citizen myself, I was shocked by this high number – the media never mentions it.


Cantwell, who is gay, focuses heavily on AIDS being a gay disease. He believes AIDS is a Nazi-style eugenics attack on his people.

He points the blame at the ‘Christian-right’ who he perceives to have dominated US politics during the 70’s and 80’s. He claims this group had genocidal intentions for gay men (being white Christian bigots, they also hated black people). AIDS was designed to euthanize gays, ‘the colored triangles of the Nazi’s have been replaced by queer blood marks of death.’

Cantwell’s thesis conflicts with the decisively pro-homosexual agenda of the NWO, both in political action and in the private lives of the elite. A perfect example is former President Gerald Ford, a Republican President during the time Cantwell believes Christian fascists were plotting their gay extermination program.

The real power behind the throne of Ford’s Presidency was Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller. The Rockefeller family funded the social movements that led to the American Psychological Association declassifying homosexuality as a mental illness in 1973.

It is odd that Cantwell believes men who are deviant enough to release a bio-weapon killing millions would be sexually conservative. Ford led a terribly perverted sex life. Cathy O’Brien is an American who was a sex slave in the CIA-funded Project Monarch mind-control program.

Her father sold her into the project as a child through a Michigan pedophile ring that was protected by then Michigan-congressman Gerald Ford. Cathy says, ‘I never perceived his political influence, I only perceived him as another abuser like my father, because Gerald Ford also sexually abused me as a child and sexually abused me right on through my mind-control victimization. Gerald Ford is not a pedophile per se, he’s what I refer to as tri-sexual: he’ll try anything. Any age, anybody, anytime, anywhere, just as long as he had control because he had a perversion of power.’

There is instead a more obvious explanation as to why gay men were targeted by vaccination program, and Cantwell acknowledges it. To set off a sexually transmitted pandemic you need highly promiscuous individuals. Szmuness required that his New York test subjects be ‘highly promiscuous. In fact, the more promiscuous the better.’


Discarding the alleged genocidal motives of Right-wing Christians, what were the Illuminati’s motivations for creating AIDS?

Third-World Depopulation. Henry Kissinger said in 1973, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”. There are currently 22.5 million HIV sufferers in mineral rich sub-Saharan Africa.

gates82606.jpgEstablishment programs to lower the third-world death toll should be viewed with suspicion. Bill Gates has recently provided funding for an AIDS vaccine.
However, his stated motivation is depopulation. At a speech he gave at TED 2010, Gates said world population is headed towards 9 billion but “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.”

Biological Warfare Experiment. When the Illuminati make clear their desire to dramatically cut world population numbers we should be wary of the threat of bio-warfare.

Cantwell writes, ‘A group of bio-warfare experts, appearing before a United Nations panel in 1969, estimated that the cost of a large-scale killing operation against a civilian population would amount to $2,000 per square kilometer with conventional weapons, $800 with nuclear weapons, $600 with nerve-gas weapons, and $1 with biological weapons.’ Bio-weapons also ‘have the distinct advantage of killing life without destroying property.’

AIDS is a mass extermination program using bio-weapons. This is of tremendous importance, especially when reports circulate of bio-warfare experts being murdered.

International Crisis. The NWO feeds on international crisis, they help build global political institutions and create a global consciousness in the world’s citizenry. The AIDS genocide is a huge global crisis, even spawning a UN-sponsored World Aids Day.

Attack on traditional US values. In their book ‘The First Global Revolution’ the Club of Rome write that AIDS has fractured traditional US identity. Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, a Professor at the University of Michigan expands on this idea. He writes that AIDS has made homosexuality more acceptable to American Christians.

AIDS was initially viewed as a ‘judgment from God against all forms of sexual perversion- of which homosexuality was the chief.’ But as the pandemic developed, heterosexuals and non-promiscuous individuals also became infected with AIDS, and this forced Christians, ‘to reconsider their negative valuation of homosexuality. The reasoning was: If both homosexuals and heterosexuals fall to AIDS, perhaps homosexuality is not as sinful as it was traditionally pictured.’

‘Also, when compassion for victims of the AIDS disease soon turned into compassion for homosexuals, it was not long before compassion for the struggling homosexual turned into an acceptance of the sin of homosexuality.’

From this viewpoint, AIDS has increased homosexual acceptance, and weakened US Christians resistance to the Brave New World-brand sexuality of the NWO.


AIDS is a bio-weapon that has killed millions worldwide to advance the NWO. I find myself having to suspend my disbelief when I hold this idea. When I think of genocide, the horrific images of the Nazi holocaust and the Rwandan genocide come to mind. They are savage images with clearly identifiable murderers.

It is almost incomprehensible to believe a genocide murdering 25 million (and counting) could be hidden in plain sight!

We truly live in a matrix, oblivious to the horrors a cabal of truly evil men unceasingly inflict on mankind.

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