As Predicted Yesterday, the ACIP Committee Unanimously Approves mRNA Slow Kill Bioweapon Injections for the Already Toxic Childhood Vaccine Schedule

2Nd Smartest Guy in the World – Substack Oct 20, 2022

The ACIP is the acronym for Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The ACIP approved a “vaccine” that the manufacturers, various agencies including the CDC, et al. have admitted does NOT confer immunization for anyone. And they all know that children have a COVID infection fatality rate (IFR) of ZERO.

Let that fraud and crime against children sink in: the ACIP whose sole responsibility is to assess immunization drugs just voted for a gene therapy that does nothing for the only parameter that this cadre of fifteen “experts” has voted to approve.

The CDC will make the ACIP’s vote official for the childhood vaccine schedule, which in turn offers total immunity for BigPharma, which in turn prevents any and all lawsuits for all of the death and destruction that these eugenics injections cause.

Eugenics injections that offer ZERO immunization.

Whatever comes after murderous clown world is what we’re living through now.

Do NOT comply.

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