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“A Real Smile… A Welcoming Smile… Comes from Within. It is The Sun Escaping from Your Face and Shining Forth.”


Visible Origami – Sept 30, 2022

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This morning… I was sitting before The Altar of The Sun, engaged in conversation. Some of it was quite funny and teasing, which I have come to understand are some of the features of The Sun’s persona. He’s very good at backhanded commentary. Suddenly, he shifted to the composition of the coming age. He opened by talking about The Age of Pisces, which was The Age of Sacrifice… as an expression of Love, which causes the whole wheel of The Zodiac to turn through its stages.

The Age of Brotherhood is the next stage in the new rotation of The Zodiac-Masloth, Highway of The Stars. It will involve the dissolution of the previous religious faiths into a common understanding that creates Unity between all kindred spirits… in search of a communion of belief. There is going to be an end to contention between religions and political mindsets.

There may be far fewer of us when it comes about. This, one can see, is in the process of happening, via The Killer Vaccines, and all of the other predatory offenses being visited upon The Many by The Few.

What The Great Reset… dictator mindset is up to IS COMING… in its own fashion. They just want to be in control of The Changes when they happen. Just because people are Evil does not mean they are stupid or uninformed. Some do Evil for the sheer joy of it. It pleases them to dispense injury and suffering. They are convinced of their exceptionalism, AND… they are here For The Purpose of Demonstration.

Every Avatar is an Avatar of Love, identified by a specific quality of Love. Impersonal Love goes through a prism into The Manifest and becomes a spectrum of qualities expressed upon a ray that has its own sound and color. Every Avatar comes from The Sun. At the highest point is God itself. This channels through God the Father and God the Mother. Directly from Source comes The Personification of Love which is The Son.

You can get the arcane placement of Father, Son, and Mother, along with the elements, and the evolving forms of life; mineral… plant…. animal… human… and… God realized from The Pythagorean Triangle. It becomes apparent when one studies in The Hermetic Sciences that everything emerges from an incomprehensible singularity, into the intricate complexity we see all around us, AND… that is only a narrow perspective that is experienced on the bandwidth of the sense.

We are dealing with enormous reaches of time. So… a 26,000-year cycle of 2,200-year stages, in which specific qualities of God are demonstrated is no… big… deal. This is a tiny… tiny… tiny segment of a very much greater exhalation. I say exhalation because Inhalation and Exhalation are the mediums of Creation, going out and coming back in on itself. God breathes and The Universe comes into being. God then inhales it all back into quiescence again. Each step in that process involves billions of years.

This is The Dance of The Life Breath that we are microcosmic expressions of. In almost every case, the dancers are unconscious of the possibilities of union with The Great Dancer. In some few cases, God is realized in one of the microcosms and becomes a Wayshower for The Sleepers. We are PRESENTLY in one of those times where there is to be a wider awakening, according… to… the… capacity… of… the… one… awakening. It varies accordingly, on a case-by-case basis; results may vary, BUT… in this case… past results ARE a guarantee of future success. (grin)

A different expression of The Great Dancers comes out of The Sun every 2,000-2,200 years, depending on critical mass and cosmic necessity. Perhaps it is surgically precise, BUT… even cursory investigation says otherwise, One needs to understand that there are Avatars, and Mahavatars, Wayshowers, Teachers, Prophets, Masters, Sages, etc. If you consider that The Pentagon employs a lot of people… and is only a small part of The United States Government, just imagine how large The Supernal Hierarchy is, and they operate in similar fashions of “As above… So below”

So it is that Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzu, and others came around near the same time with none of them being The Avatar of the Age, though absolutely indispensable to The Cosmic Process. What about Sanat Kumara, you might ask? Not my department.

The point we are trying to illustrate is that the human mind is in no position to grasp any more than an infinitesimal particle of it all, and even then, might not understand it… no way… no how.

Some might say The Avatar has already been and gone. It does not seem so to me, BUT, I… don’t… know. I do know that he comes and goes at regular intervals. I know a few details, but overall? I am as dumb as a rock. I know that he comes to set things in order, to reward and to punish. This does not mean that he goes around smacking all the bad guys upside the head personally. What he does is to set that operation in motion. The specifics are handled by the various departments and players that represent His Will on Earth.

The Avatar is a broad strokes kind of a guy. He has to be. You CAN have an intimate relationship with him, BUT… that’s your call. Sitting before The Altar of The Sun is a good place to start. Consistency is a requirement. It does not matter if you are out of town. The Sun shines everywhere. The Sun is a broadcasting station just like a radio or TV station. You do have to tune into the proper frequency on The Dial. This requires Patience and Determination. Love is the quality most likely to grant you continuance. The best place to start is to seek after God’s Love. This makes everything much easier.

Love God first and everything else will appear in sequence.

You might say that tuning in is actually impossible without The Qualities of God. As The King said to The White Rabbit, “you must begin at the beginning.”

How many people, do you think, are aware of their divine nature? How many are on intimate terms with God? Most especially… in this faithless age of Nimrods in pursuit of shiny objects, how many of them are aware that The Sun is a living, conscious being? When we were children, some of us did indeed have experiences with The Divine World. That faded when puberty split The World in two. There are reasons why The Dark Side is so obsessed about interfering with children.

We few… in this community of kindred souls have a duty that comes with true seeing. It is our job to pollinate with The Spirit of God, into the hearts and minds of all whom we encounter… invisibly where needs be, and palpably where there is fertile ground. Our work is much empowered by the coming of The Avatar. No effort on behalf of The Greater Good is in vain. No act of selfless service is missed by the ubiquitous eyes of God. Cave Deus Videt; be(a)ware… God sees.

I understand how people have become so cynical and hard. Materialism does this. Materialism is a living thing also. It’s called Mammon and has other names as well. The angels of God find residence in Humanity just as do their demonic counterparts. In Times of Material Darkness, the latter is more the case. HOWEVER… just as one can become a habitation of demons, one can also become a habitation of angels. It’s a matter of disposition and will, and… maybe a couple of other ingredients… those qualities again.

I understand why people become mean and spiteful. In many cases, their parents fucked them up with promises and indulgences that The World did not continue in. You can see the shapes taken by the mouths of those who were subjected to helicopter parents. It is not long before everything becomes a disappointment. Their sour expression becomes a permanent look. Collagen might give you bigger lips, but it will not give you a genuine smile. A real smile, a welcoming smile… comes from within. It is The Sun escaping from your face and shining forth.

One of the hardest things to become is a decent human being. To pollinate The World with God’s Love is a mark of divinity. It is an act of true service and devotion. It travels unseen, for the most part. It is not of this world. It is what changes The World.


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