A great financial reset is happening NOW (new gold standard)

A great money reset is happening, possibly because of gold. This is a story very few are talking about, and it’s got everything to do with the US dollar possibly going back to a gold standard… and evidence many other nations want to do the same. Recently, the Republican party in the United States introduced bill H.R. 9157, which is designed to bring the US dollar back onto a gold standard. The thing is, this will probably be opposed by Joe Biden’s government. However, even if the US isn’t paying attention to gold, it seems the rest of the world is. For the last few years, central banks around the world have been buying up gold like crazy. Going on a spending spree and adding to their reserves, increasing their holdings by up to several thousand percent. And this has a lot to do with the Bank of International Settlements, which has once again put gold on the rise. Let me know your thoughts below. 0:00 – The big golden comeback 2:55 – Why a gold standard may not happen 4:21 – Masterworks insert 5:29 – The BIS is why gold is hot again 8:27 – Why I think it’s a good bet ► IMPORTANT LINKS: Enter your email via the link below for free weekly lessons and insights into becoming financially free, investing, global tax and corporate structures, passports, residencies, and more. JOIN: https://www.abundantia.co/ ► SOCIAL MEDIA: • Abundantia Instagram: @abundantia.co https://www.instagram.com/abundantia.co/ • Sorelle’s Instagram: @sorelleamore https://instagram.com/sorelleamore • Leon’s Instagram: @leonhill https://instagram.com/leonhill • Abundantia Twitter: https://twitter.com/abundantiaco • Abundantia Facebook: http://facebook.com/abundantiafinance Sorelle and Leon. Founders, Abundantia Liability Disclaimer: https://www.abundantia.co/disclaimer *We may earn a commission if you buy any products or services via the links in this video’s description. This video is not investment, financial, or legal advice. It may be incorrect, outdated, inaccurate, or reflect personal opinions. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Presented by Sorelle Amore. Written by Leon Hill. This video is sponsored by Masterworks. See important Masterworks disclosures: http://masterworks.io/cd


2 Responses to “A great financial reset is happening NOW (new gold standard)”

  1. Mick says:

    I wouldn’t have thought the pirates running America can have stolen enough gold from Venezuela, Syria, Ukraine etc to make much difference to the dollar-to-gold price ratio. Gold costs as many dollars per ounce as it does not because of gold’s rarity, but because the dollar is printed-off like wallpaper and as a consequence the dollar is no longer worth very much–and the BRICS are already working to make it worth less.

    While the pirates may make claims about closing the dollar’s value against the value of gold (which by definition has to mean making the dollar more valuable because they’ll not make gold less so), the gap seems too large to close, not just in reality but even for their lies. Whatever else happens between fiat currencies and the price of gold the dollar-to-gold ratio will only get wider, even if market rigging can close it occasionally.

    • ian says:

      Also Mick, the £ Sterling. When I was a kid, a half crown was called half a Dollar, 5 Bob obviously was a Dollar. Now the £ and the $ are pretty level.