A Cashless Society works like this. Get silver.

The British government have announced a CASHLESS SOCIETY. It is part of the ‘GLOBAL RESET’.

King Charles made a promotional video for the GLOBAL RESET, which is the title of Klaus Schwab’s book.


A Cashless Society works like this: Scenario one: You save $5,000 to buy a second-hand car. You log-into your bank account to pay for your car, and your balance is suddenly showing MINUS $200. Where did your $5,000 go? After sifting through your emails, you find a glib bank statement which says you owed “$5,200” Carbon Tax. In fact, a cashless society enables the Banksters to invent any new tax – even overnight – and steal this money instantly and directly with the tap of a few keys… From billions of people…

Cashless Society Scenario two: You’ve been saving hard and looking forward to a spending spree. You log into your bank account and discover that a SPENDING LIMIT has been placed on your account. You have plenty of money in your account – but the spending limit is LESS than your monthly bills. So even though – on paper – you are rich. You are now ‘Poor’. You are forced to default on your rent. The bankster’s A.I. lists you as a ‘bad debtor’. The A.I. may even refer you to the police and you may get arrested for the ‘debt’ you owe. The balance of your account is automatically taken to pay for COURT COSTS.



‘OVERPOPULATION’ is a huge LIE. It is being spread to justify intensive farming and to justify the ever-growing spectre of the public being sold UNLABELLED GENETICALLY ENGINEERED meats and vegetables and fruits.

OVERPOPULATION is also being used to justify mass sterilisation programs in Africa and India.

Human population growth has already collapsed in many regions due to FAMINE which has NOT been caused by CLIMATE CHANGE – but has been caused by European and American corporations funding programs which have built dams, flooded tribal farming lands and also made profits by shipping rain forest timber to processing factories in Asia and selling it as so called ‘SUSTAINABLE’ garden furniture.

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