500 Donbass militia held out against 6000 Ukrainians at Liman for three weeks, as Russian 58th army arrives

Alexander Mercouris gives media reporting of this relatively small battle a sense of proportion.  It’s a much smaller battle that the one appearing in the western media.  When Liman fell from Ukraine a few months ago, there was no mention of it.  The more crucial and much bigger battle is the one at Bakhmut (Artemovsk in Russian), the linchpin of Ukraine’s entrenched positions in Donbass, where the Wagners are making crucial advances.  Why is Liman being given so much importance, asks Alexander?  The Ukrainians have failed in all their counter-offensives and they need a media victory, he suggests., diverting troops from Bakhmut and Seversk to Liman for this purpose.  It looks like a mistake.  Liman is being attacked at any cost, and Ukrainian losses are big.  The strategic position is moving against Ukraine as the mobilised Russian army starts to arrive in Donbass.  Ukraine needs a morale boosting victory which has been denied to them by 500 Donbass Militia.

He reports on the Moscow signing ceremony of the accession of Kherson, Zaporozhia, Donetsk and Lugansk into the Russian Federation.