Write the truth. Be put on a death list.

On the occasion of this videoconference, journalists, analysts, commentators and political figures from several countries (United States, Denmark, Russia, Argentina, Kingdom United, Serbia, the Netherlands, etc.) demanded the closure of several Ukrainian “blacklists” on which they appear as “info-terrorists” in the pay of Putin, and whose elimination is desired.
Sonja Van den Ende
Freelance journalist, Netherlands.
I have been covering the special operation in the Donbass for six months now. I reside in Moscow, Russia. I’m also on that Ukrainian death list, like many of you at the Schiller Institute.
It’s really terrible. Next week I’m having a talk about it, and we’re discussing here how to get rid of this list, or how to get our names off it, but I’m not sure they will – most likely not. I therefore stand in solidarity with you.
I am in Moscow. You can see it’s peaceful, beautiful here. There are beautiful apartments, the people are peaceful; they simply live. We do not feel any effect from the sanctions imposed by the West or the United States. We have gas, electricity. Maybe next week, or the next week, I’m not sure, I’ll go back to the Donbass. We are all on this death list in the United States, in Europe.
But I continue to cover the special operation, so if you want to follow me, find me on social networks.
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