Why and How the Conspirators are winning the War for our Freedom and our Souls

Anyone who doesn’t believe the conspirators are winning this war isn’t looking hard enough at what is happening.

At the beginning of 2022 I said that we had until the end of the year to defeat the conspirators.

I stand by that warning.

Government policies everywhere are designed to destroy economies, impoverish millions and result in hundreds of millions of death (particularly in Asia and Africa) through cold and hunger.

Nothing that is happening is happening by accident. Everything in our stagnant, rancid, entitlement based society is planned and everything is deliberate.

In March 2020, I warned that the coronavirus pandemic hoax was designed to do three things: to kill the elderly, to get rid of cash and to bring in compulsory vaccination programmes. I warned that we were fighting a war against evil people.

And three months after that, in the early summer of 2020, I warned that our main enemies were not the conspirators themselves but the collaborators – the millions of people who would, if told to do so, stand on their heads in buckets of custard and ask only how long they had to stay there. I warned that it would be the supine, spineless, ignorant, gullible, compliant collaborators who would sign our death warrants.

I was widely criticised for this (what a surprise) by people who argued that those who were collaborating with the enemy needed to be talked to nicely, and persuaded to understand the truth about masks, lockdowns, covid-19 jabs and PCR tests.

That was never going to work. And it still won’t work.

It was never going to work because the conspirators had bought the mainstream media lock, stock and barrel. Gates and his chums had spent millions to buy the news.

Right from the start of this war we should have been fighting the collaborators, as well as the conspirators.

And we needed to draw attention to the way that government spokesmen were lying and the way they were openly using brain washing tricks to promote lies and deceits. I pointed out the dangers of the programme of control leading us towards state controlled social credit.

Today, even seemingly intelligent people still fail to understand the extent of the fraud and the danger we face. There are many educated people who are so brainwashed, and so capable of suppressing the truth, that they still believe that those of us who talk and write about the conspirators are suffering from paranoia.

The evidence of the fraud is easy to find. It is easy to prove that PCR tests are worse than useless. It is easy to prove (using official statistics) that covid-19 killed no more people than the ordinary flu. It is easy to prove that the official figures have been fiddled. It is easy to prove that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed or injured by the covid-19 jabs. And it is easy to prove that, right at the start, in the UK, the Government’s own advisors confirmed that covid-19 was no more deadly than the flu.

The proof of this, of course, is that right from the beginning the authorities have refused to debate any of these issues. The BBC has steadfastly refused to allow any airtime to anyone, however qualified, who dares to say anything even remotely critical about vaccines.

The one thing we should have done, right from the start, was to demand proper, open, live, televised, public debates. I repeatedly tried to do this (even offering money for a debate) but no one on our side of the war was prepared to promote the challenge – and so it was easy for the conspirators and the collaborators to ignore the fact that the truth had been suppressed.

I hate the idea of ever appearing on television again but I honestly believe that if I were allowed to take part in a 30 minute national, televised, live programme with any number of the opposition, I could destroy the fraud once and for all. It is so easy. The facts are all on our side.

Instead, the opposition was allowed to do its best to destroy my reputation and credibility by filling the mainstream media and the internet with lies. My Wikipedia page was altered beyond recognition – largely by an individual I and others suspect to be employed by the CIA. My income was (probably permanently) destroyed. My reputation was shredded in a way no celebrity has ever had to endure and I was so shattered that I found it difficult to leave the house.

The lies, the abuse and the threats were then taken up another notch by members of the opposition who began promoting an absurd, hypothesis that there are no germs, no infectious diseases and no immune systems. Many of the noisiest of this small but busy group didn’t bother offering any evidence, didn’t bother fighting the lies about the covid-19 jabs but simply claimed, without any evidence, that anyone who didn’t believe their nonsense must be `controlled opposition’ and must be silenced or killed. This nonsense, often deliberately promoted by people who also expressed the belief that the earth is flat and that we will all fall off the edge if we travel too close to the rim, had the desired twin effect of convincing the public and the medical profession that those of us questioning the fake pandemic, and also warning about the danger of social credit must also be insane.

Everything that has happened since the start of 2020 was always part of a cleverly planned media war.

The conspirators have deliberately destroyed literacy and numeracy. They created episodic television programmes and films to destroy` joined up’ thinking processes. They persuaded celebrities and doctors to endorse and promote the covid-19 jabs – even when the evidence showed clearly how damaging the useless jabs really were. In the UK they succeeded in persuading the public that the deliberately destroyed health service was working tirelessly to protect and care for the public. They persuaded people to have faith in the nanny state. They used tricks created by the CIA and the army.

And now, having deliberately forced up oil and gas prices with a designer war, they are buying people with subsidies and cash payments.

The bond that holds us together is the need to have a purpose and to be useful. The conspirators have deliberately removed that support. They have done everything they can to make everyone dependent on the state. They have created corrosive uncertainty and built an epidemic of depression and anxiety.

The law used to allow us to do things that were not prohibited. The spread of ill-defined rights (demanded by and designed for far left wing agitators) means that we no longer know what is permitted and what is banned until we are arrested. The twin principles of expecting intervention and blaming someone else when things don’t go smoothly have destroyed society. Absurd climate change enthusiasts (who are mentally ill and as dangerous as terrorists and should be locked up for our safety) are allowed to control political agendas with deadly and devastating effects.

The progress towards the society I described in my books `Endgame’ and `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’ is rapid. Builders must now put bars on the windows of new houses. Huge commercial kitchens are being built so that flat dwellers can have all their meals prepared for them and delivered. Working from home is being promoted as a way to ensure that we stay imprisoned. Purpose built rental blocks are being built which contain within them space for organised and permitted socialising – and access to services (such as hairdressing and shoe repair) which might be considered essential.

Most people find it difficult to believe that bad people lie as much as they do.

And people conform because, as Joseph Schumpeter said: `Any deviating conduct by a member of a social group is condemned by the remaining members of the group’ and leads to `social ostracism’.

Ostracising those questioning the fraud has been arranged by the CIA, MI5, the 77th brigade, the mainstream media and by outrageous, insupportable bans and censorship organised by compliant public companies such as Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal.

We will soon be living in a version of the system of social credit which is now in place in China.

You might like to take a look at how that is going.

Wi-Fi sniffers, barcodes, smart phones, smart meters, apps and cameras (including infra-red cameras) watch every move by `citizens’ so that they can be punished and rewarded according to their behaviour. Everyone and everything will be controlled from birth to death. Private and public sectors are working together to spread surveillance technology.

Chinese towns are now little more than concentration camps.

We have until the end of the year to stop it happening to us.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022

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