2 Responses to ““When next financial crisis hits Govt. Elites will seize freeze assets worldwide””

  1. Mick says:

    As they’ll be taking only ~15% of the world with them and 85% say get lost, it’ll be more a New tiny-bit-of-the-World Order. Not quite so dynamic as they’d have us believe. And after they’ve de-industrialised the west and wiped out its populations and introduced an economy based upon carbon credits, how are they going to buy foreign exchange and other foreign goods with that junk? Taking just ~15% of the world with them and wiping out their industry and security forces the rest of the world could just walk in and take whatever they want. I mean, I can’t see Gates, Schwab and Harari fighting them back with AR-15s and tanks.

    Ultimately the rest of the world will just crush their silly New World Thingy.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks Mick, that is what I expect to happen too. Problem for all of us is that we will all be [deliberate] “collateral damage”. Will the rest save us? Hard to see isn’t it

      They are lunatics aren’t they