We are fighting and dying for NATO, not for Ukraine.


A Ukrainian prisoner of war claimed that the foreign fighters who came to fight in Ukraine take any modern military equipment they need from the Ukrainian servicemen.

According to the testimonies, foreigners who were likely members of the so-called Ukrainian Foreign Legion, came to his unit and took foreign weapons, including NLAWs and other grenade launchers, supplied to Ukraine by Kiev’s foreign allies. The POW claimed that a significant part of the foreign equipment was not new. In their turn, Ukrainian soldiers were left with riffles. He stressed out that Ukrainian servicemen could not use these foreign weapons.

The US and other NATO member states have been deploying their military instructors in Ukraine for years, long before the beginning of the Russian military operations. Today, a significant part of foreign ‘instructors’ are still present on the Ukrainian front lines where they continue to coordinate the operations of the Ukrainian military. Kiev’s allies are also training Ukrainian servicemen on operating the foreign military equipment in their own military camps on their territories.

Today, when the US and other countries stuffed Ukraine with their weapons and a large part of Ukrainian servicemen are yet to learn how to use it, Kiev’s allies are sending their own experienced fighters through such military formations like the Foreign Legion to fight with these costly weapons on the front lines.

Ukrainian servicemen are fighting with NATO equipment. They are trained by NATO instructors. They receive orders from NATO officers. And they are fighting alongside NATO fighters. In fact, they are unofficial servicemen of NATO who are dying for interests of the Alliance in their country.