Von der Leyen bragging all the way to the exit

Something out in the media which we knew already.

The US is giving direct intel to Ukraine.

As I said before, it’s a war between NATO and US on Russia. Ukraine is a proxy, that’s all.

A lot of foreign EU mercenaries are spotted in Kharkiv. It’s now escalating. The US and EU high ranking politicians are openly saying that they want to remove Poetin and Ursula von der Leyen is seeing herself standing on the Red Square, she is bragging on.

Makes you wonder where the hatred is coming from?

Anyhow, It’s gone too far, they are way far from reality and whilst the Russian army is doing a planned repositioning, the West is celebrating for nothing.

I think they will not celebrate by the end of the year anymore…No country or entity has ever captured Russia and they will not either!

Sonja Van Den Ende

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