6 Responses to “Visiting Grandma”

  1. Occams says:

    So happy I’m not like that at all.

  2. RKae says:

    The people who stare at their phones all damned day are also the dumbest, least informed people on Earth.

    They know nothing.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes that is my impression too RKae. Too much phone damages the intellect

      Makes you fear for the coming generations doesn’t it, the damn things are glued to their hands. I often see youngsters walking along oblivious to the world, gawping at their phones like zombies

  3. Gordon says:

    My children and grandchildren know more about their phones than me.

  4. danceaway says:

    I happened to see some of the live stream last night of the ‘vigil’ in Westminster Hall. One thing that struck me was the total absence of phones; no one taking photos and everyone looking straight ahead, standing upright. Just seeing everyone’s faces, not glued to screen, looking down, was so interesting. A real study in people watching. But were they being ‘controlled’ by 5G/graphene crossing the blood/brain barrier? This is a suggestion a family member had seen, as there are many phone masts where people were queueing, apparently. Was this a huge experiment?

  5. ian says:

    And ear buds. Since Lockdown, I hate that term, we are inundated with hoards of walkers and runners, all wandering by in their own little shut off worlds. I’m sure I could stand naked, and though no longer, if I ever was a pretty sight, no-one would notice. Jinty would though and bayonet me for sure. There is a pretty young lady who lives down the road. She comes home from work looking very nice then goes walking. Pony tail, baseball cap, Wrap round sunglasses and earbuds. Oblivious to all around her. Perhaps she need the shut off, but it feels odd when someone passes closely by you with no acknowledgement. Then I am from another time.