NATO and Ukraine’s murderous filtration methods. Criminals let loose.

US and UK mercenaries, that are part of Kharkov operation, have their own unit under Nazi Ukraine KarpatskaSich with NATO
Symbol called Britain III.  via Mads Andre .


Communicated with a woman from Raisins.

Her sister stayed in the city under the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Her husband is paralyzed. Chills!

After the entry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, complete lawlessness began. Total searches, terrible looting, murders. The “Westerners” entered. They openly say that you are all Moskals and “Cotton Wool” for us. There will be no mercy for you. For three months they lived with the Russians soul to soul, so all the zradniks and now you are nobody! They take everything they like – TVs, smartphones, household appliances, food. They arrested a bunch of people and took them away. Several people were simply shot on the spot, those who tried to interfere with looting. They say that everyone who will try to pay in stores with rubles will immediately be put against the wall. They asked where to get the hryvnias – the answer: “Suck! Now this is your main pratsya!” came out the “vigilantes” – those who sat waiting for their arrival. Now they frankly settle scores with those with whom they were at odds. They are simply accused of collaborating with the Russians and take people away. Most likely to be shot. The city is simply paralyzed by horror. Now we’re nobody at all!


This was posted by Rob-roy Lane, mercenary from Wasilla Alaska US, on his Instagram profile.

At the same time, Volchansk was occupied by NATO troops. That’s right and no other way. They write from there that there are practically no Ukrainian Banderites in the city. A lot of blacks and English speakers. Exactly the same situation in Cossack Lopan.

Filtration In Kharkiv Region. AFU Starts Army Lawlessness

AFU at the Kupyansk territory

In recent days there have been serious offensive actions taken by the AFU in the Kharkiv direction. Literally, the Ukrainian army has thrown all its forces to repel Russian positions. Massive offensives in the vicinity of Kupyansk and Balakleya have already led to the actual capture of these cities. At the same time, such a situation cannot be called the full success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It looks more like a failure of the Russian army.

What about the local population of the towns repulsed by the Ukrainians. The situation with Bucha and Irpen is closer than ever to being repeated. Local Ukrainian Telegram channels are reporting that a “hunt” for collaborators has begun. The worst thing in this situation is that these “filtering” activities among the local population are carried out not by representatives of law enforcement agencies (SSU and police), but by the military and representatives of nationalist formations. This has already led to a large number of people being convicted without trial. It is mostly the people who organized life in the settlements who suffer. The local population reports that a large number of victims are among doctors and employees of public utilities. They are all accused of collaborating with the enemy.

The Russian military should concentrate on preserving its positions, since it is most likely that those civilians who remain in the territories that Ukraine has recaptured will be subjected to violence by a military whose moral principles are at the lowest level.

Filtration In Kharkiv Region. AFU Starts Army LawlessnessSouth Front

Things have gone too far now.  Russia will pulverise Ukraine to defeat.  All totally unnecessary but with the world’s criminals all descending there to commit murder and other crimes, it has to be this way.

Russia is taking measures to stop Ukrainian reserves being moved by rail for another offensive.   It’s not the moment to hold back unfortunately.   The war must be fully won now.

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