Time to get rid of the Royals

Charles, the longest heir-in-waiting in history, must be desperately hoping that he now lives long enough to have his face on some coins and currency notes.

I was startled to see that he talked recently about the huge burden he now carries (`the heavy duty of sovereignty’).


Charles has no significant, practical responsibilities other than overseeing the spending of huge quantities of taxpayers’ money. It seems to me that his main duties are to wave, open things (he’d fly 1,000 miles in a private jet to open an envelope or a cupboard) and plant occasional trees. And the tree planting just involves tossing a little earth into a ready dug hole. Hardly arduous, is it? Sitting at a supermarket check-out is infinitely more arduous and rather less well-rewarded.

Charlie should leave the whingeing to the Californian based specialists.

And yet, although they are supposed to keep out of important political affairs, the royals have for years now been breaking the contract which governs their very existence. A relative of ours had the toxic covid jab `because the queen said it was important to have it’. How many people were killed or injured by the late queen’s inexcusable interference and abuse of privilege?

The royals made it clear they supported jabs and mask wearing and the EU and it doesn’t matter that they were wrong – what matters is that they used their influence with the gullible and the easily led when the constitutional deal was and is that they keep their opinions to themselves.

I wonder, by the way, if the royals will pay death duties on the queen’s vast estate? If not, why not?

And how nice it was that the queen is reported to have had her doctors with her when she was dying. That was as it should be. But the official line of the medical establishment is that for the rest of us, home visits are a waste of the doctor’s valuable time. In the time taken to visit a patient at home, a doctor could play two or three holes of golf or earn big money moonlighting for an internet medical service.

Now that everyone has finished telling their anecdotes about the late queen here is mine: I went to a reception at Buckingham Palace nearly 40 years ago and stood in a line of people to meet queenie. I couldn’t bear the thought or see the point and stepped away, backwards, out of the line. I only turned up at the shindig because I had once been a Community Service Volunteer. But there was a reward. I was given a parking sticker enabling me to park my battered Volvo estate car in the Buckingham Palace courtyard. I kept the sticker on my car windscreen for years and on several occasions it saved me from being issued with parking tickets. Once when I left the car parked in a shopping mall, while away doing a radio interview, I returned to find a policeman standing guard. I thought he was going to give me a ticket but instead he saluted and held up the traffic so that I could leave safely.

Today, I cannot avoid the conclusion that at best the Royal family is, like spats and the BBC licence fee, a useless anachronism and at worst, a clear and present danger to our future. Charles seems to be blood brothers with Rothschild and Schwab (who may sound like a firm of provincial accountants but who are infinitely more dangerous) and is, therefore, one of the conspirators. He is, I fear, infinitely more dangerous than his mother and I suspect he will find it impossible not to try to interfere on behalf of his fellow-conspirators and the fellow-travelling lunatics who believe in the deliberately created myth of global warming and who constantly travel the world in private jets to tell people why they should not travel.

The death of the queen, and the end of a long reign, means that it is now a good time to close this long running show, a testament to privilege and entitlement and everything bad about our society, and to use the money released for something more useful – such as a few bob on the State pension, which is at the moment the lowest State pension in the civilised world.

This will release the numerous members of the royal family from the onerous demands of their position and, to judge from their whining and whingeing, save many of them from much heartache. Unfettered, and without a hand in the taxpayers’ collective purse, they will be free to earn a living and to become decent, productive members of society.

If it is felt that we need some sort of faux royal family then a national `Be a Royal for a Week’ lottery should be organised. The weekly winners would, for seven days, ride in limousines, wave to tourists and open whatever needed opening. The lottery proceeds would pay for their extravagances and leave a decent profit for genuinely good causes. Each winner would be given a leaky pen to take home as a memento.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022

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3 Responses to “Time to get rid of the Royals”

  1. Aldous says:

    “The death of the queen, and the end of a long reign, means that it is now a good time to close this long running show…”

    I couldn’t agree more but we have to be careful that it is not replaced by more of the same but in a different guise.
    Charlie Boy is an inbred disgusting creature and its consort Camilla even more-so. Not a single living being on the planet voted for either of them which says it all. I very much doubt Charles will be embraced by even the dumb sheeple like Elizabeth was. She was quite attractive when young before the inevitable Windsor (Saxe-Coburg und Gotha) inbred curse inevitably set in, making them look (and sounding) more like horses than humans.
    Beware of marrying first cousins because God/Mother Nature doesn’t approve as it allows bad genes present in all of us to get out of jail.
    The Hapsburg Lip springs to mind: https://www.mun.ca/biology/scarr/4270_Hapsburg_Lip.html
    Just look at William’s (and Edward’s) hair loss. William doesn’t even look normal any more. Inbreeding has its disadvantages.
    Princess Anne was quite attractive as a teenager but then the Windsor Curse set in where you often wondered who was riding who and who the horse was when you saw her riding one.
    It’s rumored that the royalty protection sergeant at the time gave her one and was killed by the Rots because of it.
    Be careful what you wish for or give one to?

  2. Derek says:

    As a five year old child, I sat on my Fathers shoulders and glimpsed the golden coach pass through Trafalgar Square. As a twenty five year old, I saw Britain given away to the Economic Community by the traitorus Edward Heath, and our Queen giving the 1962 Communities Act Royal Assent. In doing so, breaking her Coronation oath.

    In 1953, the country had hopes and waved good wishes. Today, we have suspicions and are invaded by fit young men in rubber dinghies and a religion that denies equality – unless it’s on their terms. Our government has colluded to destroy Britain, and our Royals have been party to it.

    Our Queens funeral has been the funeral of Britain.