This sounds interesting

When batteries powered by a simple cup of tap water started selling on AliBaba, the boss of the website was suddenly and mysteriously KIDNAPPED…

Dozens of water-powered torches and flashlights were selling like hot cakes on AMAZON in the spring of 2021 – but suddenly most models of water-powered products were suddenly de-listed from AmazonUK and Amazon France’s websites…


The Enigma Channel team investigate and demonstrate amazingly powerful torches all powered by water in our new film THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW… This water-powered electricity has been kept SECRET for more than 140 years!

But that’s just the start…

Our HERETICS OF SCIENCE TV series demonstrates how electricity with huge voltages can be created by piling coins on top of each other. We also showcase the fundamental principles of MAGNETIC PROPULSION and how LINEAR MAGNETIC MOTORS can be powered by WATER, or even powered by electricity which can be generated from garden soil!

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