3 Responses to “THE TRUTH ABOUT IRAQ”

  1. ian says:

    I loved Galloway’s speech at the time he made it. I was later disappointed however that he doesn’t have as much of an understanding of the Holocaust. Was he perhaps allowed the Iraq speech to dissipate some of the public hostility against the Iraq war. I believe so, as he has never challenged the owners other than on a level viewed as acceptable since.

    • David 2 says:

      Ian I believe is called politics! Look at the new PM of Italy who apparently supports the Ukraine war and advocated for a health pass. Yet like Galloway she speaks some truths so well.

      If there were no politicians there would be no wars and the world would not be so screwed up. People would be responsible for their own decisions and most likely they would behave rationally.

      • ian says:

        Yes I know David pal. I naively look for someone who is just good honest and genuine. Take care pal it was a great post.