The Netherlands is the testing ground for the “Great Reset”

Today a demonstration in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Stop the permanent corona law.
The government wants to make a new law where lockdowns, curfew and closing schools will be the new normal.
All for the virus, climatechange etc..
The Netherlands is the testing ground for the “Great Reset” –
no gas, less electricity, closing down many farms and putting the use of nitrogen on your bank account,
so that you can no longer fly etc..
if you consume too much nitrogen!
Demo ‘Stop the permanent corona law’ #3 – Amsterdam, September 4, 2022
Sonja Van Den Ende
On Sunday September 4, the demonstration “stop the permanent corona law” will take place in Amsterdam. Blckbx will provide various live streams throughout the day. round 14:30At noon we expect to report live again from the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam. We receive no state aid or subsidies, blckbx is and will remain independent. Your support remains essential for this. Therefore keep supporting us via
What is still hidden, also by majority of ‘lefties’, is that the famous ‘social security system’ already turned to a social control and – punishment system. Experimental project successfully for 2 decades. Thank you social democrats, comfortable leftists! Oeps . . . suddenly out of the air there was a #Toeslagen Schandaal: criminalizing 40.000 ( on ethnic bases ) mothers and their children without evidence, ruined lives for generations. Thanks to decennia repression of the most vulnerable 😴 Evidence ( of not guilty ), btw, has to be proven by the victim of government terror. Opposite constitutional. Most Dutch don’t care, most service clerks worked against people. Welcome to the ‘land of freedom’ 🇳🇱 😭😭😭😭
Ron Chandler
Ea, In Australia a similar pogrom was conducted, called Robo-Debt. A psychopath former SAS special forces killer was paid $700K pa to set up a ‘Recovery’ unit which RE-CALCULATED the money paid to welfare recipients then dunned them for money alledly owing. Vulnerable welfare receivers were cut off from any support while being pursued by debt collectors. Four Liberal Party Social services Ministers oversaw this while 2000 people under it either took their lives or died prematurely due to stress and illnesses. The debts were finally exposed as invalid as their calculations were wrong and there is no doubt at all they knew this all along. Not one public servant ot politician has ever been held to account.
This op was only possible due to the sicko and warped mentality among the establishment, who agree with slimeball Kissinger on culling the ‘useless eaters’.
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