The Macro Picture. Gonzalo Lira.

This is the macro picture both of Ukraine and of the effects of the situation on Europe.

The Zelensky regime is throwing everything at Kherson.   Why are they not winning more than a couple of small villages?

Equally why are the Russians not sweeping westward from Donbass?

Gonzalo explains.

Elderly people in the UK will be frozen to death.

Comments include –

correction : Russia did not shut down gas flow to Europe completely.

They only shut down Nordstream 1.

Still operating are Turkstream in the south and Yamal pipeline going through Ukraine to Slovakia.

(there are rumours about Yamal going down eventually too though)

Brilliant analysis, Gonzalo.
Though I live on a country that will suffer the most, my UK, our government has been the most bellicose of the Russophobes in NATO.
Our ‘leaders’, right wing zealots, if not fascists even, like Johnson and Truss were willing to see ordinary Russian people freeze and starve to death.
They gambled, and lost, but it will be the ordinary working class of the UK and most of Europe that will suffer.
I am happy for the Russians and I wish them well.