So the IAEA has released its so-called “report” which is a 52 pages “nothing burger” and not something worthy of being called a “report”.  You can read the entire thing here: but, frankly, it is a waste of time.  Just one example:

Notice how this report presents Ukronazi information about Ukronazi shelling as it the Ukronazis were not Ukronazis.  They even included that touching photo:

Bottom line: it was exactly what anybody with a brain was expected.  The IAEA is to nuclear issues, what OPCW is to chemical issues – an obedient parrot for the USA & Co.

Personally, I think that Russia should withdraw from those, and all other US-controlled “international” organizations and ban their official from entry into any Russian controlled territories.

Also, accepting a team run by an Italian (Italy is both a NATO and EU member, meaning that Italy is a US protectorate/colony) was a mistake from the get go (especially with CNN propagandists included into the press pool). This information is incorrect! Turns out that he is not Italian, but Argentinian, my bad!

Yes, the IAEA will leave some observers at the ZNPP, but if they will become “professionally blind” like, say, OSCE “observers” have been for years, then what is the point of keeping them in place anyway???

I think that the time has come for Russia to tell ANY and ALL the US-controlled to get lost.