The gloves are off

The gloves are off…

Russia pushes Ukraine back into the middle ages. The Russian airforce and cruise Missiles have put out of action electric power stations throughout the country knocking out telephone communications, internet connection, mobile phones that will work only until they’ve ran out of battery, electric trains that transport troops and equipment and water supplies that require electricity for pumps.
In short, the Russians have finally done what they should have done from the beginning, what the Americans had done in both Serbia and Iraq, but President Putin had rejected that idea believing that through negotiations Russia and Ukraine could have reached a Mutually Acceptable Solution.

Given the harsh treatment meted out to ethnic Russians by the Ukrainian Nazis after they recaptured Kharkov, where anyone who had a contact number on their mobile phone that was Russian, was summarily executed, the President of the Russian Federation decided to finally treat this as a real war against a real enemy who would have done nothing less themselves given the chance.

The Russian airforce will now do what needs to be done: military convoys, infrastructure of strategic importance, communication centres, airfields, ammunition depots, fuel storage facilities….. are now legitimate targets.

Emilios George Ades Georgiades
23 Min. ·

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