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The ‘elites’ are no more than swine and must be gone – Sonja Van Den Ende

Europe, Germany, the Netherlands are already starting to suffer under their own imposed sanctions (they think it’s affects Russia) but it’s the opposite:
Yara Sluiskil (Netherlands), the largest fertilizer producer in Europe, does not rule out that the last ammonia factory in Zeeland will also have to be closed due to the high gas price. The company had previously closed a small and a large ammonia plant on the site along the canal from Ghent to Terneuzen (Belgium). Trains will stop working for some parts in the Netherlands due to Electricity shortage from September 6 to September 15. Germany’s minister of FInance just announced the Digital world is coming to Germany (mind you in some places they don’t have proper internet) He himself is not suffering under sanctions, freshly married cost: a few million Euros, arrived in a private plane and went home with his new bride in a Porsche (on petrol). Down with these regimes in Europe. Starting with my own country the Netherlands. The elites have to go!
Sonja van den Ende
Like in the Czech Republic it has started in the East: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yFSlTrgp-s