5 Responses to “The Bank Of England Has Fallen!”

  1. ian says:

    A real FFS moment Weaver. Thanks for the warning.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Please someone explain exactly how the BoE has fallen? It seems to me that they are more powerful than the government now. I saw this earlier:

    “So how well-equipped is Chancellor Kwarteng to deal with this tangled anthropological web?

    Initially an economic historian, Kwarteng is the first black MP to serve as a Secretary of State. Before briefly working as a journalist and market analyst, Kwarteng attended Colet Court, an independent preparatory school in London, where he won the Harrow History Prize in 1988. Kwarteng then went to Eton College, where he was a King’s Scholar and was awarded the Newcastle Scholarship prize. He read classics and history at Trinity College, Cambridge, achieving a first and twice winning the Browne Medal. He was a member of the team which won the BBC quiz show University Challenge, he was a member of the University Pitt Club. He attended Harvard University on a Kennedy Scholarship, and then earned a PhD in economic history from the University of Cambridge in 2000.

    Or put another way, he’s an archetypal élite British Tory MP with absolutely knoball experience of real business, real life or genuine wealth-creating capitalism. All the tell-tale words are there: a kind of Harrow – Eton – King’s – Trinity – Harvard amble through the Ivy Leagues of Oxbridge.

    What he does have is ruthless management of his public image in relation to unwise flings, while busily airbrushing all history of gambles on the wrong colleague: pace, Owen Paterson – a man I happen to like.

    That stated, given the unseemly sight of Mr Kwarteng running around to and from the Bank of England ever since his faux pas knocked the Pound for six, it is extremely unlikely that he is anywhere near real power in the World of 2022. The nasty old crone of Threadneedle Street wasted no time in making it abundantly clear that she would raise interest rates some way yet before disappearing up her own central bank.

    As one of my closest friends is wont to remark, “Which particular part of this outcome did you not foresee?”

    Such an NWO-driven policy of course more than cancels out tax cuts to create consumption. You can do that sort of thing if the Sovereign finances are in good order and the Central Bank is in your pocket. But Blighty is broke, and the Bank has been more out of the cage than in anyone’s trouser facilities since Gordy McDoom from the Manse gave it independence on monetary policy in 1997. UK fiscal policy has been walking a fibrous, frayed tightrope ever since.

    More specifically, in the immediate terms that questions of zero foresight could be directed at Truss Kwarteng Policy Mastication plc – a less than dynamic duo that can’t even get the nonstop digital teleportation to Davodystopia working on time. But hunting them down is, let’s be fair, akin to investigating the driver of the slow train to Gelsenkirchen.

    No: power having shifted inexorably towards Bank Central, it is there that we need to look for today’s Slog human sacrifice.

    Naturally, I refer to Andrew Bailey.”

  3. sovereigntea says:

    At the onset of COVID Mania, Charles sat down with World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab, in which the pair excitedly championed a “Great Reset” to “solve the climate crisis and restore the natural world.” In a podcast with Schwab, Charles advocated “carbon pricing” of goods and a “net zero” agenda, which, of course, would result in mass human suffering.


  4. Tapestry says:

    Remove VAT and CGT from all sterling silver and fine silver and people can have their original Pound Sterling back, lost in 1815 when paper money was introduced.