THAT Speech

What the hell (‘hell’ being the operative term) was all that about? I’m referring to Biden’s rant a few nights ago in Philly. In a setting straight from Dante’s Inferno it featured Bribem, inter alia, issuing blood-curdling threats against close to half of the American people, those who voted for Trump, in other words conservative Whites. Now let us be very clear. Bribem himself, assuming it wasn’t a stand-in or hologram, barely knew what he was ranting about. In fact the following day he seemed totally unaware of what he had said. No, this was the work of the self-hating Whites and Christian-hating Jews who run the Democrats. And these people know what they’re doing. That surreal Satanic setting with the sinister glowing red background didn’t just happen. The repeated (mis)use of apocalyptic words like “soul”, “darkness” and “light” was, to me at least, deeply unsettling. What would Lucifer, the Light-Giver, have thought of the following excerpt: “the light of truth… we can see the light. Light is now visible. Light that will guide us forward”?

The Marines stationed behind Joe were there for a reason. The language on his teleprompter had been carefully crafted and curated. All that was missing was an animal or human sacrifice to round off the event. And then there was that guy shouting “fuck Joe Biden” throughout the ceremony, seemingly unmolested by the goons surrounding the event.

So what was it all about? I can only speculate of course but it does seem that the civil strife rhetoric, which had echoes of the lead-up to the Rwanda Genocide, has been taken up another notch. It could be that they’re trying to precipitate a premature physical response from Traditional America, or poorly-prepared elements of it, using this as an excuse for another crackdown, postponing the November elections, or even martial law. Or maybe there’ll be a false flag to precipitate a similar reaction. America is far along that road already. The ‘security’ and ‘law enforcement’ agencies have been transformed into Regime enforcers. Pre-dawn raids against Trump supporters, the incarceration without trial of the January 6 demonstrators, draconian sentences imposed by politicised courts. An additional 87,000 goons are even now being recruited, soon to be unleashed on patriotic Americans. And be in no doubt that this their purpose. The IRS was used in this way to bring down the Tea Party. In fact some of the enemy (they really are the enemies of the American people) are already on this roll: Crazed Jewish neocon (but I repeat myself) Jennifer Rubin gloated “Biden’s speech met the moment. Arrests should come next”.

In my view they don’t fear Trump himself, rather the huge cohort of ordinary citizens he (purportedly) represents. He may have been on to something when saying “They’re not after me, they’re after you; I’m just in the way”.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.