In a desperate attempt to try and restore his lost credibility in the leadership race, Rishi Sunak tells red-pillers what they already knew and proves that we were right all along.

A week ago, The Spectator published an interview with Rushi Sunak:

When Britain was being locked down, the country was assured that all risks had been properly and robustly considered. Yes, schools would close and education would suffer. Normal healthcare would take a hit and people would die as a result. But the government repeatedly said the experts had looked at all this.

Only a handful of key players at the very top made the decisions: among them Rishi Sunak, the chancellor. He has now decided to go public on what happened.

Lockdown – closing schools and much of the economy while sending the police after people who sat on park benches – was the most draconian policy introduced in peacetime. No. 10 wanted to present it as ‘following the science’ rather than a political decision, and this had implications for the wiring of government decision-making. It meant elevating Sage, a sprawling group of scientific advisers, into a committee that had the power to decide whether the country would lock down or not. There was no socioeconomic equivalent to Sage; no forum where other questions would be asked.

So, whoever wrote the minutes for the Sage meetings – condensing its discussions into guidance for government – would set the policy of the nation. No one, not even cabinet members, would know how these decisions were reached.

The lockdown files: Rishi Sunak on what we weren’t told, The Spectator, 27 August 2022

However, as Joel Smalley points out, countless people have written and are still writing to various and all Members of Parliament (“MPs”) keeping them informed and challenging the Government’s decisions.  There is not one MP that can plead ignorance, “we’ve got all the receipts.”


Perhaps it’s time we all gathered our correspondence to local and national governments and made them public.  To all those who tirelessly and repeatedly attempt to engage with local councillors and MPs, thank you. And please, never give up.

By Joel Smalley

The indomitable pair of Highwire truthers, Jefferey Jaxen and Del Bigtree, summarise Sunak’s attempt to deceive the UK population into thinking he was always a good guy with his reservations about how the UK was led to commit so many fatal errors in its handling of the Covid plandemic.

The Highwire: “I’m Filled with Such Hope Right Now”, 2 September 2022 (9 mins)

Full video on The Highwire (snippet from about minute 50) HERE or on Rumble (begin timestamp 44:21) HERE.

Further reading:

If you’re only just waking up, here’s some advice for you – don’t trust a politician that was right in the middle of the sphere of influence and did nothing public at the time to stop the UK government making all the mistakes it did.

Meanwhile, those of us that did, taking all the flak, are still here being vindicated by the late admissions. Remember, we’ve got all the receipts. Here are copies of letters I sent to my MP, Julie Marson, in Sept and October 2020, stating exactly what Sunak says he himself was powerless to address at the time:

And again, in July 2021, this time including the evident harms of the mRNA experiment and copied to every Member of Parliament:

Not one of these MPs can claim they knew nothing of the woeful and fatal mistakes being made on the back of really poor modelling by the likes of Ferguson, Whitty and Valence. I know I was not the only one providing them with the truth that is now finally being acknowledged, after years of censorship.

But this is just about lockdowns. Eventually, they will be forced to admit their failures to address the genocide committed as part of the mRNA experiment which still continues.

In the meantime, who are you gonna trust?