State of Malice: stunning video lays bare mass murder by the State


Intro by Steve Cook

I cannot stress strongly enough how vital it is that you watch this video.

It is utterly horrifying and utterly damning. It will probably blow your mind.

It lays out very clearly how hundreds of thousands of our fellow human beings have been murdered with malice aforethought by the State. And the murders are still happening, with fatalities on the rise and the perpetrators thus far able to evade justice.

But that evasion of justice is coming to an end as, thanks to the efforts of the heroes featured in this video, the truth of crimes almost beyond imagining forces its way through the force screens of censorship.

This video will greatly help that spread of the truth and accelerate the exponential growth of the dissident  movement as more and more people stand tall against the advance of this utterly decadent and immoral tyranny.

Please help the Cause by bringing this interview to others along whatever lines of communication are open to you.

Keep at it! There’s a war on for your planet so let’s make our howling over-the-ramparts charge against tyranny.

Starting with this video.

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