Sonja Van Den Ende. Russia doesn’t want Great Rest ideology

Yesterday I watched the speech of IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi, saying that ‘Something very catastrophic could take place’, he didn’t mention which side, he knows very well it comes from the Ukrainian side.

They targeted a nearby village when he was there. Also, a shameful UN security Council member meeting, with fabricated stories, about people getting forcibly expelled, stories, like in Syria. The whole conclusion for me is that Russia doesn’t want to comply with the Western Unipolar world , not comply to their ” Great Reset” ideology.

Since 2015 Russia has been the target. The Russian ambassador mentioned the Mirotvorets kill list (Peacemaker) list and no one there reacted on this.

They have shown their true face and should shut up about human rights, they should be removed and punished, they are involved in crimes against humanity. See video in comments from the UN. Everything has become an information war, where journalists, like me, are put on deadlists and the West, well they don’t care at all. I worked once for the IAEA, it was another time and although corruption was there, not like now, it’s horrific!