Soldiers suffering from PTSD offered euthanasia.

Don’t Speak News
I guess veterans aren’t committing suicide fast enough on their own…this wasn’t a mistake or some rogue employee that much is certain. The WEF can’t have veterans around who they trained to kill as they might turn against them.…
“Forgotten Years”….The hardest years,the darkest years,the roaring and the fallen years…These shall not be forgotten years..we will remember. These are the years that were hard fought and won…we will remember..It aches like tetanus,it reeks of politics. How many dreams remain ! These shall not be forgotten years.. the hardest years,the wildest years,the desperate and divided years,who can remember? We got to remember ! we will remember..! Heres a tribute song to all those whom served…”I was only 19” by a band called Redgum. Godbless

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I heard about that and the elderly who can no longer afford the expensive rent and heating bills. I read about that being an option for people who can’t afford to live anymore. I live here. 🇨🇦. Temporarily!! Jesus saves …😊
benjamin wilkins
I was airborne infantry 04-2012 did five tours. Not surprised by this at all. I wish more of my brothers in arms were awake. Christ is the only answer for ptsd or any other mental health issue. Learned that one first hand.

Creeda Miyah Snipp
The Worthy One is soon returning Who Alone is able to Save, Redeem and Rescue any who call on His Name. Hold fast all fellow souldiers. Hold fast to the Lord of Lords. Jesus came first as a Lamb to pay our sinful penalties…but He is coming back as a Victorious and Roaring Lion to establish His Kingdom.The enemy will NOT prevail.
Wow! Not many things shock me these days…… these people/ gov agencies are sick and criminal! No telling how many people have called, looking for help and have been offered this, and took it! This is not MAID, it is MURDER!!!! 😡

Our government is messed up my friend