Dr. Victoria Male, PhD, is a lecturer in reproductive immunology at Imperial College London.  Male, Dr Teresa Kelly, a consultant obstetrician with NHS Manchester, and their associated disinformation agencies – such as Team Halo, part of the United Nations Verified initiative, and the British Army’s 77th Brigade’s infamous Twitter coordinator Graham Bottleyfocus their disinformation efforts on pregnant women.

“In fact, they believe in the “safe and effective” vaccine so much that they spend hours on Twitter promoting it and telling us how safe it is – except when you ask for actual data,” Dr Ah Kahn Syed of Arkmedic’s Blog wrote.

Further reading: The 77th Brigade, Wikispooks

Viki and the Mutton Crew by Dr. Ah Kahn Syed, 5 August 2022

Well, it seems that overnight Viki Male (PhD) managed to recruit a lot of activity on Twitter in relation to the article posted yesterday in which she is one of the subjects of interest due to her rampant push of the Covid vaccines in pregnancy.  Viki is central to the pregnancy push (forgive the pun) and seems to have been given a pass to publish an opinion piece in Nature – normally reserved for established academics – despite having a very sparse research background at the time. One reason that the article drew attention to her was because of her intricate links (which I will now show) to the 77th Brigade’s propaganda arm on Twitter, which identifies itself with the following:

  1. Stone head emojis
  2. Chinese 77 characters (that look like this: 七七)
  3. “Sarcastic” bios saying “77th apparently” or similar
  4. Recently – mouse emojis (an attempt to infiltrate or ridicule the #mousearmy)
  5. Most importantly – having Swaledale Mutton Co as your top follows/followers

Swaledale Mutton is also known as Graham Bottley aka InCytometry. None of this is hidden by Graham. In previous times he worked as a flow cytometrist (just like Viki) and then “decided” to go it alone running a flow cytometry teaching business. He also runs a LARP (live-action role-playing) game business called Arion games. He got really upset that all the real scientists were getting published using flow cytometry techniques (that he had taught them and been paid for) and leaving him out, which explains why he has hardly any publications. He wrote about it HERE. It’s a solemn read, actually.

Having been a recipient of the treatment that the “Mutton Crew” (aka Dr. Bottley’s followers) dish out to people who disagree them (or with the government’s propaganda on Covid or the Covid vaccines), I can safely attest that the mutton swarm invariably descends on anybody that does not toe the party line. In nearly all instances the accounts which are responsible for mass-reporting (in order to get your account removed from Twitter) have account identifiers described above and every one has Swaledale Mutton as a follow/follower. Hence, we call them the “mutton crew”.

They are more specifically part of the disinformation arm of the British Army who would otherwise be rejected by the main army (and in fact are ridiculed by them). Because they are so identifiable, they really fail even the basics of their role – which is supposed to be LARPing as organic twitter users. It would appear that Twitter helps them via their algorithm because for some reason Swaledale Mutton is at the top of each of their follows lists irrespective of how long they have been following him (as of the time of writing).

Now, Viki repeatedly denies being linked to this network. Here’s her latest:

There’s only one problem. Swaledale Mutton is her top follower and follow:

And then we get to the trolls who ran to Viki’s aid when Norman Fenton dared to bring up the subject of yesterday’s post (without actually endorsing it). What happened? He was descended upon by a cacophony of easily identifiable 77th and their volunteer helpers!

Yes, every one of these accounts follows Swaledale Mutton (check out the stone heads):

And it can’t be accidental that Viki doesn’t realise that a whole cohort of her followers and troll brigade are mutton crew. She interacts with them on a regular basis.

It gets worse – pretty much every one of Viki’s recent follows are from the same group.

But perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt. If Viki doesn’t understand who these people are she now does (because apparently, she reads this, Arkmedic’s, blog). So, let’s see if she removes them from her follows list. Or maybe she will delete her tweet.

I think I know the answer, to be honest.

Oh, just one more thing.

This, Arkmedic’s, Substack only provides free subscriptions and all comments are open. So, if the mutton crew would prefer to try their “scientific arguments” here they are welcome to do so. They will find, however, that they don’t have the same swarm strength on this platform. They will have to try and argue on the science.

In which case, we will welcome anybody that wishes to actually do that rather than block, report and threaten in order to get their way. You never know, we might even listen to you.