Snowden Gets Citizenship. Japanese Spy Caught. MoD Declares NO RESTRICTIONS on Travel.

27 Sept 2022  iearlgrey   Inside Russia

Snowden gets Russian citizenship:

Japanese consul in Vladivostok given 48 hours to leave Russia — foreign ministry:

Ministry of Defense: no travel restrictions during partial mobilization:

Waging Psychological War Against Russia:

Just like during the Great Patriotic War. Sending them off with “farewell slavyanka”:

Georgia says it has no plans to close border with Russia:

Mobilization point of the military registration and enlistment office deployed at the checkpoint in North Ossetia: 

The border service of Kazakhstan detained three Russians:

The mobilized are allowed to take with them a quadrocopter and a night vision device:

Magadan military commissar dismissed:

In the Kuban, the military enlistment office returned home a 59-year-old conscript:

The Ministry of Defense proposed to allow any military personnel to peacekeeping missions: