Situation described in two sentences

“There are two wars going on:

1. Physical war by the US against Russia to the last Ukrainian.

2. Economic war by the US against Russia to the last European.

The Ukrainians and Europeans do not understand this yet.

When they do, it may be too late.”

Node of Time

TAP – The US must realise that Russia is winning both these wars.

This means that the US is deliberately destroying her former allies, with help from their supposed leaders like Van Den Leyen.

At some point she will declare a new alliance.

This will presumably be an alliance with China.

China will be happy to act dumb meantime, while potential enemies (NATO) are reduced.

Later China might rethink the options.


6 Responses to “Situation described in two sentences”

  1. ian says:

    Isn’t it possible that the conflict as a whole is just designed to destroy Europe in general, and Germany in particular? Russia isn’t suffering.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      The US can’t pillage Russia, no chance of that. So it intends to pillage it’s colony in Europe. They think that they will pick up European assets at distress prices and also all the business that Germany loses as it’s industry shuts down

      That’s Tom Luongo’s theory anyway and it makes sense to me

      China’s future role will certainly be interesting to observe. Tap could well be correct

      Good to see you back Tap

      • ian says:

        Thanks Pete, and yes I agree that Tap and yourself too, will likely be proved right. My view is pretty basic, and that’s not how these guys generally roll.

      • Tapestry says:

        Only thing being Pete is that King Charles and his great resetters want all nations subdued and wrecked so their own world system can take over from on high. They wreck us one at a time by getting us to fight each other in physical war or in economic warfare.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Yes I realise that Tap. But if Russia stands firm and prevails in Ukie then what can the globalists do? If globalist do secretly control Russia and China as many say then, it’s game over. There is nobody in the west that will help us all is there

        I’ve still never seen any proof of that though, lots of opinion and assertion but little evidence. So I’m still hopeful that the Great Resetters are panicking because they are losing control of the process

        What they desire and what they can achieve are two different things, maybe. Covid was a sign of panic rather that confidence I hope. Ultimately covid failed for them, 50% of Americans refused the jabs, 25% of Brits. There were many more refusniks than they hoped. Not many admitted it, but it’s what you DO that counts not what you say. The globalists are on a slippery slope and it’s all of our jobs to grease that slope as best we can

  2. Tapestry says:

    Pete I think The Great Reset is coming next Saturday with something to excuse huge government lockdown.