Satanic West Pivots from Fake Pandemic to Gratuitous War – Sept 21, 2022

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On Monday, Biden declared the pandemic over.

Tuesday, Canada dropped the vaccine requirement to enter the country. Remember, thousands of people lost their jobs for refusing this toxin.

Why the change of heart?  Mid-term elections? Public health and Economic damage has been done? Vaccine boondoggle declared a success?

Or Russia’s resistance to the liberal Jewish world order? Are they trying to regain the loyalty of the population in the event of world war?  (Russia has announced plans for referendums to annex portions of Ukraine.)

Putin Announces Partial Mobilization In Ukraine War Escalation; Says West Wants To “Destroy Russia”


Continues with more headlines and links. Including a report on Zelensky’s parents who’ve just relocated to an EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR property in Israel …


16 Responses to “Satanic West Pivots from Fake Pandemic to Gratuitous War”

  1. newensign says:

    The picture is very poignant it could signify the last hurrah of the white Christian race by the state funeral of Elizabeth II. I noticed how it was almost all white faces lining the route from Westminster to Windsor. While there are varying opinions on the rule of the late Queen, the funeral was a truly British tradition being brought to the fore under which we true Britons could unite and rise above the alien cultures being forced upon us! Its notable that during Sky News interviews with various bystanders no visuals were shown, just audio!!. It could also symbolise the death-nell of the Beast system that has usurped the governments of the west! Lets hope so!!

    • ian says:

      Hi newensign, I agree on simpler terms. The Queen whoever she was is gone. We are being deliberately replaced by third world migrants, particularly 20/30 year old blokes, while the foreign controlled media normalise foreign partners for young women in particular. The “Beast system”, is running the show. We are being taken out. The Ukraine war, which I originally thought was distraction, is instead an organised blockade of supplies to Europe, and likely us in the UK. .
      You write very well pal and I envy you your skill, but I think we’re knackered or near it. That’s not very eloquent I know but it’s how I feel. TV is the Trojan horse which has allowed them into the living quarters of the masses. .

      They are not beaten or even challenged. Think again.

      • newensign says:

        Thanks Ian too for your comments here and all your interesting posts. I am not as pessimistic as you, as I can see what is unfolding before our eyes has been predicted by Scripture although the enemy is winning at the moment we will prevail in the end and the aliens will flee to their own lands. We will be punished severely for disobeying God’s law as He uses the enemy to do that. Yes it would be good to meet up, but I expect that would not be feasible, but you never know Ian!

  2. danceaway says:

    Yes, newensign, I noticed the predominantly white faces, as well, even during the vigils. It is somewhat understandable for the route to Windsor, and on the Long Walk, for the parking and transport to Windsor does not support large crowds. We lived within a few miles of the area for 30 years, that is where my children grew up, so it is all very familiar.
    But even that part of Surrey has areas nearby which are very mixed; Woking and Staines come to mind. Yet these people were largely not represented in the crowds.
    Even in London, which is now scarcely white, the crowds were almost exclusively white. So yes, as you say, the last hurrah of the white Christian race?

    It also seemed to me that the services were largely Book of Common Prayer, not the new versions. At one point I think Charles was involved in the Prayer Book Society. ( My late husband was one of the original founders of that group in the early 70’s.)

    • ian says:

      I think that I would have felt like you, had I lived down there D’. Just as the Africans fear medical treatment from the West, Poor Scottish rural areas dislike/resent the home counties, we are Britain, sentiment. This is in no way personal, and I like and respect all contributors and commenters on Tap. My comments are how I feel, so I share them.

    • ian says:

      I’m love to discuss some of these things with Tap guys over a bottle or two of wine. You’re all my family.

    • newensign says:

      Yes I agree Danceaway. I also lived and worked in the near area to Windsor for 40 years in Stanwell near Staines, so knew the route well, but still had a job working out where they were on some parts of the route. I noticed that too about the service, of course the Common Book of Prayer is all about the white race being true Israel, not the imposters! I noticed too that Charles was declared defender of the faith – not faiths as he proclaimed he would be!! So many thanks for posting this item D.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    To put this into context then the last census with full ethnic data available was 2011 [2021 results not yet published] This showed:
    white 86%
    asian 6%
    black 3%
    other 3%

    Very different to all media images then. Very different to many folks idea of the split too. Whites are still a massive majority here

    The live birth trends point to the future. 2020 [latest data] live births as follows:
    white 70%
    asian 12%
    black 5%
    british mixed 7%
    rest 6%

    Key point here is that the birth rate is very low, it’s now 0.9% pa. So it’s not making a massive impact on overall total ethnic mix

    The missing element is illegal immigration. Numbers are very difficult to pin down, depends who you read. Now about 20k per year over the channel according to Migration Watch. Far more arrive with a visa and don’t go back. Best estimate of total illegals here is 618k [mid point of the wide range claimed by various sources]. This is only 1% of the total population

    I conclude from all this that whites will still remain the very dominant majority here for a long time to come

    • newensign says:

      I agree Pete regarding the last census, but I think the figures were more skewed than you indicate as it was during the Covid lockdown and was not enforced as strictly as previous ones. I know people who did not fill it in with no come back on them. The immigrants and especially the illegal ones are unlikely to have filled the form in! Also at the time of the lockdown immigrants were arriving on our shores in boatloads and in coaches on the ferries with blacked out windows. The Government will know the real numbers from the credit cards handed out to the illegals.

      • ian says:

        A spot on comment newensign.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        I’m puzzled by your comment newensign. Because the census figures that I quoted above were from 2011, not 2021. Yes 2021 was “the last census”. But the 2021 results aren’t out yet as I said in my comment?

        I agree with you that 2021 results will probably be skewed when they are released, as you suggest. But that hasn’t happened yet

        The only 2020 figures that I quoted were live births. And they were clearly nothing to do with the2 last census”, they were from ONS I think. And they seem to show that the higher birth rate amongst none whites is not going to change the ethnic mix very quickly

        I agree with Tap, I only see humans, I don’t care about ethnicity. I take people as I find them

        The old days have gone for ever, there is no going back from what’s already happened. Certainly subsequent generations after mine [post war boomer] mainly don’t care at all about ethnicity. My own children are the living testament to that. All 3 don’t give a damn, 2 live in London and 1 near me oop north

        I don’t like the way unregulated immigration was imposed by the political puppets with zero mandate either. Nobody would have voted for that. But that genie is out of the bottle now and it ain’t going back that’s for sure

  4. David 2 says:

    The law of the Universe is perpetual change. In the Bible the phrase is ‘It came to pass”.

    Funerals are a catalyst that bring people together in a common purpose. Consider how perhaps a billion people of the world came together to pay respects to the Queen.

    They can also come together to defeat the globalists and end their incredible evil agenda.

    It most probably will be a catalyst of revulsion that strikes the heart and people return to core values

    • newensign says:

      Yes David 2, I think it could well be a catalyst for change but not the one the globalists are planning! The empire arose under ERI and declined under ERII. Remembering that under the reigns of Charles I & 2, power was transferred to the City of London, so could it be under Charles III, power is returned back to the monarch? Interestingly, the code word for notifying the Queen’s death was “London Bridge”! This refers to the old ditty – London Bridge is falling down. Indeed it is falling down, for it tenuous control of the world depends on its control of the Monarchy with its Royal connections with the Royal families of Europe. Although now just a rubber stamp it is still an important prop to the City! A tale of two cities London and Westminster!

  5. Tapestry says:

    I only see faces. Humanity can find great in all its races.

  6. newensign says:

    My apologies Pete, it was late when I looked at it and was thinking of the last census. Late night blurred vision!

    • pete fairhurst says:

      No probs whatsoever newensign. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt ;-))