Russians must be killed, say Americans. They are in Ukraine for that purpose and no other.

Russia Warns US against supplying Ukraine with long range missiles for counteroffensive.  

Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova is the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation since 2015.

Here she is telling it like it is.


7 Responses to “Russians must be killed, say Americans. They are in Ukraine for that purpose and no other.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    If someone were planning a false flag they would need headlines like this.

    EXCLUSIVE: America WILL retaliate with ‘a devastating strike’ against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet or bases in Crimea if Putin follows through on threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, US Army’s former European commander warns

    In a chilling address to Russia, Putin threatened the West with nuclear weapons, saying: ‘I’m not bluffing’
    Retired US Army General Ben Hodges, says its ‘unlikely’ Moscow will order a nuclear strike upon Ukraine
    BUT he warns if it does, America could blast Russian military facilities in Crimea with a deadly missile strike
    In the firing line could include the Sevastopol naval base and Putin’s prized Black Sea fleet of warships

    • pete fairhurst says:

      This escalation is very concerning. This could also be softening up for the catastrophe. A real widespread conventional ballistic shooting war between the west and Russia would be a disaster

      Who could possibly be mad enough to want that? We all surely know the answer to that don’t we

  2. danceaway says:

    This correlates with the Polish documents which Ania K translates in the video I recently posted. They could be planning a FF in Poland.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes I thought that too danceaway. Is that the catastrophe predicted by the German MP?

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    She certainly is telling it like it is! It’s impossible to imagine a western spokesperson being so frank and direct like this lady was

    The wests central aim is to capture all the Russian resources, which are massive. And, understandably, Russians aren’t very keen on becoming subjects of these demonic psychopaths who run the west. Who would be? So killing Russians is their basic strategy

    [Not a very successful one either. So far they’ve killed mainly local militias, citizens and Ukrainians. Not many Russians]

    All wars are bankers wars of course. And clearly the Russian economy benefits from the western sanctions, which have significantly increased their oil and gas revenues. At the same time food, fertilizer and mineral revenues have probably fallen. So what is the net benefit to Russia, does anyone know?

    I recently read somewhere, maybe even here on the Tap, that Russia has the second biggest income inequality in the world. That is surely quite telling. Russian oligarchs have a bigger % of the national wealth than even the US/UK ones do

    So, given that bankers love wars then, the big question for me is still: Are Russian bankers driving this war in cooperation with their western “colleagues”?

    I’ve still seen no evidence from anywhere that this is the case. Can anyone enlighten me with some real evidence? Or is that unrealistic to expect

  4. danceaway says:

    Pete, when Mike ( iearlgrey) does a walk and talk, one gets to see Russian homes, presumably on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg, where he lives. He and his wife have purchased a house. The houses appear very liveable, out in the countryside. Mike does not give the impression there is much of a poverty problem. When he walks around the city one gets the impression of a contented populace.