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Russian State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov threatens Britain with nuclear strikes…

Introduction – Sept 21, 2022

Britons need to understand that Russia is angered by what it sees as Western attempts to undermine it using Ukraine as a proxy.

Britain and the U.S. have spent billions over the past seven years methodically building up Ukraine’s armed forces, to the point where in Europe they were second only to Russia in terms of manpower and weapons.

The intention was to build up Ukraine’s armed forces so that they could be used as proxies to take on and ultimately weaken Russia.

The West and the U.S. in particular has a long history of doing this. Over the years it supported death squads from El Salvador to Nicaragua and Islamic militants in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation and most recently in Syria.

Moscow recognised this, which was why they launched their Special Military Operation to pre-empt the potential threat Ukraine posed.

Western readers need to understand that their political leaders have been instrumental in creating the war in Ukraine. By extensively arming, training and equipping Ukraine’s armed forces with a view to using them as proxies against Russia, they effectively set them up for Russia’s pre-emptive strike.

Britain had a key but covert role in this just as it did when it secretly supported militants in Syria. Russia watched as the same process was unfolding across its border in Ukraine as Britain and the U.S. surreptitiously prepared the Ukrainian armed forces to take on Russia.

Even more galling is the fact that none of this was done with the approval of voters in the U.S. or Britain.

That’s why Russia is angry over an unnecessary war and why Moscow’s warnings are not empty threats. It recognises that the problem isn’t in Ukraine as such, but in London, Washington and Tel Aviv.

Russia means business and the West’s politicians need to take heed of the signals coming from Moscow. If they don’t we are heading toward a much wider and potentially catastrophic conflict.

Obviously no one in Britain or America voted for this but if a major conflict does transpire THEN WE NEED TO HOLD OUR LEADERS TO ACCOUNT. And that includes their accomplices in the MSM. Ed.

State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov threatened Britain with nuclear strikes…

Gurulyov is not the only prominent Russian making ominous warnings about what will happen to Britian. Scroll down below video …

Russian Media Monitor – Sept 2022



Ex-Putin adviser warns UK cities could be hit with nuclear weapons if Britain ‘continues to be aggressor’

Zoe Tidman – The Independent Sept 21, 2022

An ex-adviser to Vladimir Putin has claimed UK cities could be a nuclear target for the Russian president and blamed the Ukraine war on the West as he launched into a bizarre rant on British radio.

Sergey Markov. Click to enlarge

Sergey Markov made a host of unsubstantiated claims – including that Western countries are using Ukrainian soldiers “as slaves” – before shouting down the phone line during his interview.

He threatened the West with nuclear war before he was asked any questions on BBC’s Today programme on Wednesday morning.

“Good morning to you,” the presenter said, to which the ex-Putin advisor replied: “Good morning. Well it’s not good morning … for everybody.”

He continued: “For Western countries, for you, British listeners, I would say that Vladimir Putin told us he would be ready to use nuclear weapons against Western countries, including nuclear weapons against Great Britain.

Mr Markov said “your cities will be target..” before being interrupted.

Mr Putin warned he would be prepared to use weapons of mass destruction to “protect” his country in an address to the nation on Wednesday.

“When the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, to protect Russia and our people, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal,” Russia’s president said.

Mr Markov was asked if he believed the Russian leader had made a clear threat not just to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine but also to start a general nuclear war that would kill everyone.

He replied “not everyone” but added it “could kill a lot of people in the Western countries”.

The former Putin advisor said: “I would say that everybody in the world … is thinking about nuclear war. This nuclear war could be result of the crazy behaviour of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and prime ministers of Great Britain, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.”

He claimed Russia “doesn’t want everybody in the world to die” in a nuclear war but that it wanted to resolve the war in Ukraine, that he claimed was being fought by Western countries “using Ukrainian soldiers as their slaves”.

After claiming Russia wanted peace, Mr Markov was challenged by the BBC presenter who said: “You haven’t been talking much about peace, have you? You’ve just threatened us all with complete destruction, nuclear missiles coming to London, you said, and now you talk about peace.”

Mr Markov replied: “If Great Britain continues to be aggressor against Russia, if the prime minister of Great Britain, Liz Truss, still has a plan to destroy Russia, people in London should understand this threat comes from Liz Truss who is aggressor.”

He concluded the interview shouting at the presenter, claiming Russia did not invade Ukraine and blaming the West for the war.

A foreign office minister, who was the next guest on the Today programme, was asked what she made of the interview.

“More of Putin’s lies. A complete rewriting of history. A bit of sabre rattling,” Gillian Keegan said. “And talk of nuclear war is very unhelpful and we would urge calm

She added: “It is a serious threat but it is one that has been made before.”

Mr Markov has previously made baseless claims about the war in Ukraine to UK media, telling Sky News Volodymyr Zelensky was a “puppet” of the US and Russia invaded Ukraine to liberate it from “neo-Nazis”.

He also said Talk TV presenter Jeremy Kyle was “probably disinformed” when asked about Mr Putin being responsible for deaths in Ukraine.


Comment – Sept 21, 2022

Of course, it is not a “baseless claim” to argue that Zelensky is a “puppet”. After all, prior to becoming Ukrainian president, Zelensky had been an actor with a lead role in a hit Ukrainian TV show in which he played the president.

He’s still an actor, although now he’s playing the role of Ukrainian president in real life. Reading scripted speeches that have been prepared for him by his handlers. So it’s no exaggeration to describe Zelensky as a “puppet” playing his part in a political drama. Ed


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  1. Deepseaninja says:

    @ Carl Jones
    “The UK, and its thicko sheeple, who keep voting in the one party deep state, deserve to be totally obliterated by Russian nukes.”
    Not all of us so theres nothing wrong with one or two carefully placed nukes around City of London, that will do nicely thanks.