Russia Warns US on Nuclear Threats; China Global Times Hints at US Responsibility for Nord Stream


A considerable part of Alexander’s programme is sharing two recent, important articles; the first is written by the Russian Ambassador to the United States; the second is an editorial in the Chinese Global Times, the English language mouthpiece of the Chinese government.

Alexander shares the most critical parts of each, and explains their messages and the implications.

The Russian Ambassador clearly states the the United States is provoking, threatening, and goading Russia.

The Chinese editorial is very carefully constructed but the message is that the United States has done everything in its power to prevent Nord Stream from successfuly functioning.

Alexander feels it is clear that Russia and China are thinking along the same lines.

The links to these articles are below:

Alexander concludes by saying these next few months are going to be very turbulent.

Alexander’s work sharing and informing his audience is immeasurably beneficial.……

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