Russia Upgrade SMO to Counter Terrorist Operation on Entry of Regions; Putin Talks to Erdogan, MBS

A programme from Alexander Mercouris with interesting tidbits that one does not find elsewhere.

The head of Crimea is saying that when the new areas join Russia Federation, the SMO will end and a Counter Terrorist Operation will replace it. Alexander points out that all Ukrainians who pursue the conflict will be classified as terrorists and will become fair game, including the leadership.

It looks like the collective West has decided that Zelensky has reached his sell by date; his general is being eulogised in the west; is on the cover of Time magazine.

As far as the battles go, to quote the French, ‘the more things change the more they remain the same.’

On the 22nd MBS phoned Putin; Putin accepted his call, but the Kremlin is putting off calls from Macron. Today Erdogan phoned Putin. MBS wants to join t he SCO; and will continue his oil agreements with Russia.

Putin follows the legal practice of putting forth a suggestion that one knows the other side will not accept.