Russia Is “Demilitarizing” The USA 

What you read in the MSM about U.S. arms shipments to the Ukraine is not nearly the whole picture.  As usual, they are lying and hiding.  They don’t want to admit how large a proportion of U.S. military stocks are going to the Ukraine.

Basically, the Russian army is fighting the U.S. Army, only the “U.S.” soldiers speak Ukrainian (actually, about 2/3 of them speak Russian not Ukrainian, but that’s just inconvenient details.)

Of course, our brave MSM journalists won’t touch this.  There are a bunch of Wall Street Journal writers on my mailing list (they didn’t ask to be on, but they haven’t unsubscribed, either.)  Any one of these guys could probably pick up the phone and get some answers.  LOL, I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve kept track of Russia’s pursuit of the M777 cannon, and I can tell you, if it was really “just” 154 cannon that were sent, as reported, then the Ukraine would not have many left, today. Because Russia has damaged or destroyed or captured probably over 100 by now.  Uncle Sam has clearly sent a lot more than 154.

You don’t need to ship the Ukraine a quarter of a million shells (as per the most recent goody-bag announcement, on top of what was sent previously) for just the balance of those “154” that have survived.

The REAL number of M777’s given to the Ukraine (so far) is probably at least twice the “official” number, and, it’s likely that more are being sent even as I write this.  In short, I’d guess at least 1/3 of all M777’s in the U.S. arsenal (and certainly more than 1/3 of the functional ones) have already been flown to Poland and trucked in to the Ukraine.

Another thing is the missiles for the HIMARS.  To their great credit, the guys at The Duran (YouTube channel) did approach this topic, though not in detail.  It seems at least 65-70 of the shorter-range missiles are being shot off every day, on average, in the Ukraine (about one-third to half of those, shot down by Russia.)  Probably a roughly equal number (on average, over time) are being blown up in storage by Russia.  This comes out to a “burn rate” of at least 4000 per month.

Reportedly, the U.S. had around 30,000 at the start of the war.  The manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, can only make at most 9000 per year, and that’s just “reportedly”, as they’ve never actually made remotely near that many in a year….. and hey, there’s a microchip shortage, and those circuit boards are limited-run, special-order and can’t be delivered tomorrow.

Without a doubt, the U.S. has also sent more than the “officially” reported 16 HIMARS launchers to the Ukraine.  Russia claims to have destroyed 7 or 8 (I lost track) so far, and has likely bought one more from corrupt Ukrainian army officers.  That wouldn’t seem to leave so many, now, would it?  And yet, these things are active on every front.

A convoy of four HIMARS trucks was filmed in the Donbass a few days ago.  There must be at least two batteries (three or four per battery) involved in the ongoing north Kherson battle.  There are certainly more somewhere in north Zaporozhie.  There may be a few in Kharkov.  The REAL number sent to the Ukraine is likely about TWICE the “official” number.

Why would they lie about this, in particular?  It could be that for marketing reasons for the manufacturer, and “PR” purposes for Uncle Sam (to intimidate China or whatever), they want to make it seem like all the havoc these things are reported to be wrecking, comes from just a few launchers.  You know, like a “superweapon.”  That’s my guess.

In any case, the U.S. has likely tapped out at 20-some HIMARS launchers (net of what’s been lost), because they literally can’t spare (see above) nor even transport any more ammo for them, even though there are hundreds of launchers in the U.S. arsenal.

As for the Javelins (with their now-notorious battery problems), it seems the U.S. has already provided the Ukraine with almost all the missiles remaining in its inventory.  “Only” as few as around 38,000 were ever made, and of those, over a quarter were sold to other countries, and probably about half were used in training (if one U.S. infantry scout shoots off just two in basic training, that’s several thousand each year, right there.)  Meanwhile, the USA has gifted around 10,000 to the Ukraine.

Some journo or even a GOP Congressional office could inquire with the U.S. Department of Defense as to exactly how many are left (preliminary answer: not many), but you know, the job of a “free press” and “the opposition” in a “democracy” is evidently to stay on a narrow path and not stray from the path.

Lockheed said it will nearly double annual production to 4000, to make up for what’s been given away, but even at that rate, it will take years to rebuild the U.S. stock, and that’s assuming no more are shipped to the Ukraine… and that there will be no training at all on these weapons by U.S. personnel, LOL. Otherwise, the stock may never be replenished.

If anyone didn’t notice, not only the U.S. but also many of Uncle Sam’s European vassals have also already given up most of their man-portable antitank weapons to the Ukraine, err, I mean to Russia.  Photos like this are still coming in:



What’s really funny about all this, is that (1) European industry is shutting down due to high electricity costs thanks to their Russia situation, so they won’t be backfilling squat as far as their weapons stores are concerned, and (2) the USA won’t be backfilling much either, once Variant X hits and shuts down U.S. industry. At that point, Russia will be free to just roll over anyone, LOL.

Brutality? You’ve Seen Nothing Yet

Incidentally, regarding the HIMARS. What Russia has done recently is the same thing as the Ukraine did in prior months—spread out, thin out its munitions dumps and other targets (e.g. air defense clusters), so as to ensure that any one strike, even if “successful”, won’t cause that much damage.

The Ukrainian response to this Russian response, has been, predictably, to aim for smaller and lower-value targets (what else can they do?) Sadly, this means they have to stretch the definition of a “valid target.”

Below is video of the aftermath of a HIMARS strike against a local branch of the Donetsk Ministry of Emergency Situations in the town of Rubtsy.

Now, “Ministry of Emergency Situations” is a mouthful, but as per the Soviet model, all firefighters, hazmat crews, as well as soup kitchen and rescue-and-resettlement workers (FEMA types) and some paramedics etc. are under central government control, in that one ministry. They are “uniformed” but they are not soldiers, they are not combatants, they are inviolate.

Here, the Ukraine used U.S.-supplied HIMARS missiles to kill 13 of these guys at their local station. If you are American, this was done by your Government, in your name.



A separate missile attack hit a Donetsk fire truck in another small town, killing two firemen. I have the photos but hey, I think you got the gist already.

Also of note, in what appears to be a first, Russia has rocketed a hospital being used to treat a large number of wounded Ukrainian soldiers (from the north Kherson battle) in Nikolaev. This is not looking good, folks. Obviously, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Incidentally, remember this lady?




This woman was the face of the Ukraine for a few days. Sean Hannity probably wanted to marry her and teach her his martial arts, championship pistol match, etc. skills (because he’s a badass, and he wants you to know it.)

Well, it seems she’s now working for the Donetsk Peoples’ Republic (or some other Russian paymaster), as a blogger and social media and events personality. Remember I told you (for those who were with me in April), she probably got paid a few bucks for her “bombed-out maternity ward” photo op? Well, I don’t know if she’s truly enjoying her current gig, but I’ll bet she’s getting paid now!

Here she is telling her followers about how she is driving back to Mariupol to report on the start of the schoolyear, which is a big deal in Russia, and an even bigger deal in Russian-controlled areas of the former Ukraine, as it is a sign of normalcy and of success in administration and reconstruction…..

…..(which, incidentally, is why the Ukraine is paying teachers in Russian-controlled Zaporozhie not to work, leading to a 50 percent staffing shortfall that is only partially being covered by teachers from Russia.)



Here she is handing out Russian flag-colored balloons at a Mariupol school:



Folks, like I’ve said, most people just want to get paid. Russia and the Ukraine are like North and South, or two different regions of Italy or Spain. The Ukraine (or some large part of it) will be just fine under Moscow’s rule eventually, they will get along as they always did. The problem is, the “Empire of Chaos” a.k.a. Uncle Sam got between them, and he has a lot of money… but sometimes, money isn’t everything. Although, people do need to get paid.

Please, No Magical Retard Thinking

A special note to those who think that some magical new Russian “corps” (or whatever) is going to slice open the front and allow Russia to quickly advance and take (fill in the blank major Ukrainian city.)  This is magical retard thinking, a mirror image of the pro-Ukraine “great counteroffensive” idiots.

For as long as Putin wishes to keep the Russian home front nice and happy, with no general call-up of trained reserves, there will be no big breakthrough.  As I’ve said in recent videos (and as you might have already concluded on your own), this thing is now on track to be decided by “off the battlefield” factors.  People need to stop watching dumb shit on Youtube and thinking they are somehow “informed.”  Just follow the Dreizin Report.

On Glory

All glory is to God only. If you see anyone with “Glory to Ukraine” or “Slava (glory) Ukraine” on their Twitter or Facebook (FYI this has been a common “greeting” in Ukraine since 2014), please run fast in the other direction. They have adopted an alien religion, the pagan religion of the Ukraine, and are probably double-vakksed-and-boosstted, and need to make plans for someone to come and euthanize or remove their dogs (if they have dogs) from their homes before they die of Variant X and become dog food.

Me and Pedo Joe, Down By The Schoolyard

Like Pedo Joe Brandon and his vakkseen mandate, I am “out of patience” with people who want to surf this site but refuse to get on my mailing list. The Dreizin Report is going to start putting you people up against the goddamn wall. This may be your last chance to save your miserable soul. Please sign up below.

Jacod Dreizin.  The Dreizin Report.

TAP.  Why does Russia need to advance rapidly when the West sends its weapons and soldiers in front of their artillery each day, conveniently sited for obliteration.  The war can be won from their comfortable longterm places of abode, bar the occasional HIMARS pop.  These are getting less and less frequent and are being dealt with by and by.  It seems the bankers want the west defeated and demilitarised so that Europeans and Americans can be tidied up and put in the trash at some point down the road.  The Russians are frustrating the hell out of the bankers by taking as long as possible over the task of denazifying the West, and keeping 90% of their peacetime army in reserve, using only 2% of their full military potential in Ukraine.  There will be only one military power in Europe once this is all over and it won’t be the US.  Maybe NATO will get Finland to fire a HIMARS rocket to try to get some more movement out of Russia.   The Baltic States are not worth a provocation as any war there would only last a week or two.  Poland’s getting a chunk of Lvov and won’t want to rock the boat.  The only other possible front worth having would be Scandinavia, but Russia will surely act dumb there for as long as possible.

If Russia rocketed a hospital in Mikolaev full of wounded, you can bet they were all foreigners or nationalists who were in there.  Russians just love killing Americans, French, German and British, and polishing off Nazis.  It’s what they do and have done for hundreds of years.


5 Responses to “Russia Is “Demilitarizing” The USA ”

  1. newensign says:

    Not only is the USA losing large quantities of arms in the Ukraine, but its forces are more or less marooned in Iraq and not able to overcome the Iraqi Republican Guard, now looking very much like another Afghanistan!

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes Tap, why would the Russians hurry ahead with their capture of southern Ukraine. What is the rush? It will happen in due course regardless. And it’s hard to see why they need to rush when the western idiots keep playing right into their hands

    Everything is running in their favour right now it seems. Their massive energy profits windfall can fund their arms factories as long as they are required. And the west keeps offering all it’s weapons systems up for ongoing destruction! They’ve sacrificed a large chunk of their existing stockpiles already it seems, and don’t have the industrial capability to turn on their production tap quickly enough to meet war demand! Talk about lunatics running the asylum, you couldn’t make this up

    In fact this conflict has many similarities with WW1. Senseless slaughter of conscripts [Ukrainian] for nothing other than war propaganda; so called national and military “leaders” who are often incompetent idiots disconnected from reality; ceaseless false media war stories for brainwashing the home front audience; a home front audience that itself mainly doesn’t have much of a clue about the reality on the ground etc etc. A similarly callous and evil mentality in the governing class as well. The west will clearly fight to the last Ukrainian if necessary

    And all the while the banksters and their corporations are hidden in the background quietly milking the war for all it’s worth. With massive profits rolling in for the forseeable

    Thinking about it then, none of these evil scum have any incentive whatsoever to hurry things up

  3. Tapestry says:

    Good observation Pete except maybe bankers want a much bigger war asap to make even bigger bucks. And kill off as many nations as possible – removing future competition.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Maybe so Tap, either way it’s a prolonged war by the looks

    The Dreizin Report talks a lot of sense. Here is his take on the looming food crisis. It’s not looking good that’s for sure