Ridiculous Biden, SCO Planning for Dedollarisation, Flooding caused by missile strike on Krivoy Rig Dam – Alex Christoforou

Western narrative is defeated Putin runs to his master the Red Emperor for assistance. In fact they are planning for dedollarisation. Kremlin is calm, economy doing well in spite of shock and awe sanctions.

Meanwhile the EU economy is collapsing; all the leaders can do is dress up in gold and blue, but have no solutions.

Ukraine is the avatar for globalism/neo-liberalism. Huge area of the planet moving away from the Euro and petrol dollar to national currencies. This is the big picture; military is a small part.

Wagner group is encircling Bakmet, perhaps will be cutting it off from supplies.

No strategic reason to be in Izyum; Z went there for the photo op, media optics; in car crash on return journey.

Missile strike on Krivoy Rog dam; Ukrainian forces trapped on far side of river sans supplies when pontoon bridges flooded.

Dumb and dumber in US pushing to name Russia as state sponsor of terrorism. Don’t realise  this would mean severed relations. They have no reverse gear.

The imaginary country of Kosovo is applying for EU membership. EU is now the ‘we’ll take anybody club, as long as you hate Russia and any of its allies’.

van der crazy travelling to Kyiv; a ritualistic pilgrimage; Ukraine is the avatar for globalism.

Video circulating of Lukashenko chopping wood. Belarusians will be warm this winter. Meanwhile the EU is chopping down its forests.