Rescinding the Birth Certificate

One of the inevitable consequences of people waking up to the various frauds and criminalities perpetrated by the governments of the world is the anger which accompanies the understanding of the facts associated with the registration of a child’s birth and the issuance of a birth certificate. Given the various frauds attached to the registration, it an agreement (contract) that any parent is capable of rescinding for the reasons outlined below and elsewhere. 

CAPITAL! On Delivery, the Cargo is Tagged

Notice the capitalisation here of the family name on this ‘cargo tag’ that was issued when yours truly came into this world in a location known as Huddersfield, a long time ago…

Birth Tag – 1964 – SURNAME only – DELIVERY method by ‘forceps’.

The registration and its associations with Admiralty Law are well-documented (see the pdf attached to the foot of this post and the links).

The registered child becomes the CAPITAL of the state, a state which completes a STOCK take every 10 years in the form of the Census.

CAPITAL, political economy, commerce. In political economy, it is that portion of the produce of a country, which may be made directly available either to support the human species or to the facilitating of production.

2. In commerce, as applied to individuals, it is those objects, whether consisting of money or other property, which a merchant, trader, or other person adventures in an undertaking, or which he contributes to the common stock of a partnership. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1458.

3. It signifies money put out at interest.

4. The fund of a trading company or corporation is also called capital, but in this sense the word stock is generally added to it; thus we say the capital stock of the Bank of North America. Bouviers Law Dictionary


The essential point is that full disclosure as to the consequences of registering the child’s birth are never given. The entire process of the fraud is laid out in the language used which is legalese and not plain English. The following list of legalese terms is not definitive but it does serve as material evidence of the deception:  

  • Berth and Birth
  • Birth (berth) Control
  • Delivery room
  • Birth canal
  • Waters breaking
  • Miscarriage
  • Doctor (Docking)
  • Termination
  • Capital name

To name but several. 

Further, there is, 

No agreement of any kind, anywhere on this planet, is legally enforceable unless there has been a meeting of the minds, with full disclosure given to all concerned and affected parties at the time of execution, due consideration, performance and the provable, voluntary consent of the parties to the terms and conditions contained therein. source

The Life Annuity – as Attached to the Registered Child

The failure to disclose how a life annuity (an annual payment to a beneficiary) is created at birth, then claimed by the Treasury as abandoned property, 7 years after the arrival of the child, is a stand-alone ground for rescinding the registration:

[…] the concealment of significant facts pertaining to the Life Annuity is what invalidates any and all invisible and/or adhesion contracts between our legal person and the state. The fact that our parents were never furnished with the knowledge that the birth document is a certificate for an annuity, may well represent a clear case of fraud by non-disclosure, which would automatically vitiate any and all existing and related agreements with the government and its agencies, ab initio.” The Elusive Life Annuity


At sixteen, the registration of the birth creates the incorporation of the CAPITALISED NAME  – effectively granting the status of a government franchise, a business entity, subject to the rules of the state-corporate government, for the purposes of trading. Attached to this franchise are such fraudulent scams as the driving licence which is, in fact, the state fraudulently purporting to grant the man attached to the incorporated NAME the permission to engage in commerce whilst on the highway. The licensing scam can be read here  but in essence it boils down to this

THE TERM LICENCE (American Spelling – ‘LICENSE’), as defined by Black’s Second Edition and the Courts:


“License: In the law of contracts, is a permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or tort.” Blacks Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed. (1910).


All those registered are deemed to be the stock used by the government as surety (guarantees) for its loans from the private banking cartels masquerading as Central Banks, like the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England. 

Which is, of course, another fact that is not disclosed to the ‘informant’ (the mother) when the child is registered.

It is an example of engineered consent, a practice that is as now as blatant as it comes, particularly in regard to the offering of the vile vial jab which is only occurring by way of the agreement (consent) of those who dutifully line up to receive it. 

Rescinding the registration on the grounds of fraud.

Assuming you have read this far and you’ve had enough of the fraud, what can you do about it?

On the basis of the non-disclosure of any one of the facts pertaining to the effect(s) of the registration, the registration and birth certificate can be rescinded. In other words, given the act of registration is demonstrably a contract (agreement) and as there was no full disclosure, there could have been no meeting of the minds – which renders it capable of rescission, just like any other agreement. In that sense, it is a stress point, a weakness in the chain of tyranny. 

The following process is one that was followed recently by an associate. The keystone document is the Declaration of Superior Guardianship. This declaration, as created by the formidable Michael O’Bernicia has been successfully used by hundreds, possibly thousands of parents who, being aware of the facts, decided – in good conscience – that they were not prepared to register to their children to and for the benefit of a demonstrably criminal entity known as ‘Government’ and its associated agencies. 

It is a powerful document and should only be used by those who truly grasp its intent and its scope and is one which their mother and I have personally used when refusing to register my two young children to the criminal state.  Naturally, the mother and father must be prepared to stand strong in order to enforce its applicability. As such, it can be used for new babies as well as for rescinding the registration of older children.

Use this one for new babies – to be sent to the local registrar (amend accordingly for your individual circumstances:






Dear [Name Local Registrar],


Following today’s receipt of your letter dated [day, month, year], the contents of which are hereby refused for cause without dishonour; please find enclosed a DECLARATION OF DENIAL OF CONSENT TO REGISTER CHILDREN.


In any event, it appears that, pursuant to the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953, S.4,‘Registrar’s power to require information concerning birth,’ you do not have the authority to make the requisition:


“the registrar may by notice in writing require any qualified informant—


a) to attend personally at the registrar’s office, or at some other place appointed by the registrar within his sub–district, before such date (being not less than seven days after the receipt of the notice nor more than three months after the date of the birth or finding) as may be specified in the notice;”


We trust this presentment brings this matter to a swift and efficient conclusion. Kindly update your records accordingly.


Without malice, mischief, ill-will, frivolity or vexation; in sincerity and honour,


By: [Name]


[If appropriate: For & on behalf of Mother’s name]


Mailing location: [Address]


All Rights Reserved – Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-Assumpsit

Errors & Omissions Excepted

This may be used for both babies and those already registered:

Declaration of Denial of Consent to Register Children


Strictly Private & Confidential


We, the authorised representatives for the legal persons, [Name Father] and [Name Mother], do hereby declare that the following is a Verified Plain Statement of the Facts as we perceive them.


Let it be known by all concerned, interested and affected parties that:


1. We have been granted irrevocable superior guardianship rights over our children by the Creator of the Universe.


2. We have accepted irrevocable Power of Attorney over our children’s well-being and property until the eighteenth anniversary of their birth.


3. For and on behalf of our children, we have settled their entire legal estate into a private trust which is administered for their maximum benefit.


4. The property settled into said private trust includes (without limitation) any and all information pertaining to the existence of our children, strictly precluding the disclosure of the details of their birth to any party whatsoever.


5. Any and all disclosures of information pertaining to the existence of our children would represent a breach of the aforementioned private trust and all those parties responsible for said breaches will be liable for charges of THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING (or functional currency of the United Kingdom) per occurrence.


6. We do not recognise or consent to any perceived obligation, whether statutory or otherwise, to register the births of our children, under any circumstances whatsoever.


7. As Trustees of the aforementioned private trust, we affirm, jointly and without division that we refuse to grant our consent and/or authorisation to the Registrar or any other individual, organisation or legal entity, to register information pertaining to the birth of our children, under any circumstances whatsoever.




We, the undersigned, hereby affirm that, to the very best of our knowledge, the entirety of the foregoing is true, correct and not misleading, In the geographical area known as [Name town/city] this declaration is autographed, sealed and date-stamped by the Post Office, on the xx day of the month of Xxxx, in the year known as two thousand and [AMEND accordingly] AD.


By: __________________________________[Name Father]


By: _________________________________[Name Mother]


All Rights Reserved – Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-Assumpsit Errors & Omissions Excepted

Use this one for previously registered children:

Name & mailing location of mother and father




To: Abi Tierney


Registrar General


General Register Office

PO Box 2




Notice of Rescission

notice to agent is notice to principal

notice to principal is notice to agent

Dear Abi Tierney,


as the woman acting as Registrar General, you are hereby served notice that we are rescinding the birth registration and certificate of my child (or children), [Name and Date of Birth] on the basis that the full disclosure of its actual significance was not given. In support of which, please find enclosed our Declaration of Superior Guardianship.


For the avoidance of doubt, any further correspondence from the GRO and any of its agencies in local government in the name of our son will be refused for cause on the simple basis we no longer accept the UK Government as a lawful entity and any presumed, assumed or other attempt at contract is and will be declined on it being founded on fraud by omission/non-disclosure, ab initio.


Signed: ________________and__________________


All Rights Reserved – Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-Assumpsit
Errors & Omissions Excepted.

When there is no response, send this – via Recorded Delivery: notice how the Birth Certificate is returned with the correspondence.

To: Abi Tierney

Registrar General

General Register Office

PO Box 2



Notice of Non Response

notice to agent is notice to principal

notice to principal is notice to agent

Dear Abi Tierney,


as the woman acting as Registrar General, you are hereby served notice of Non Response due to the lack of acknowledgement of receipt of the Notice of Rescission and Declaration of Superior Guardianship sent by Recorded Mail on [DATE] and received by your department via post [DATE]. As confirmation of the rescinding of the birth certificate of our child/children , [Name of child/children] , I will be returning our child/children’s birth certificate(s) with this document.


Signed: ________________      and      __________________


Mailing location: [Address]


All Rights Reserved – Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-Assumpsit
Errors & Omissions Excepted.

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