1. NPP says:

    I couldn’t watch all this. Subtitles.
    This is sad and perhaps typical; a challenge to the status quo of crap & nonsense gets divided & therefore, ruled.
    It does not change the facts: covid1984 was, in a word, a scam.
    Chins up everyone. Carry on Wilson!

  2. ian says:

    Sounds familiar. Ken O’Keefe, human shielded Iraqis, fought Israel to the delight of millions world wide, was on the Mavi Marmara, then poof, gone, caught nicking money. Reiner light fingers fuckmich.
    Do you think that they’re set up from the start as a fake John Connor figure to lead the Goyim, the brain dead stupid cockroach goy. It will save them forming their own. We’ll look good and say the right things-ish. Then wollop. Gone like a lying German b4stard in the night. Then again, that is just my opinion.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      You have a great turn of phrase sometimes Ian! And a better memory than me too, I’d forgotten about ken O’Keefe. Pleeep ’em coming

  3. danceaway says:

    I had forgotten about Ken O’Keefe, Ian. You are right; we were all taken in my him. I think Ian Crane was, initially, as well. I think Ken spoke at AV a while back.

    You could be right about this case. It would all fit. I have seen him grouped with those categorized as controlled opposition, which made me wonder.

    I listened to the first video and started on the second. When Reimer called vivienne a ‘ slob’, I turned it off. I didn’t want to hear anymore just now. I skipped to the end to hear the moderator who managed to stay pretty impartial.

    We have often commented that there is not going to be a trial, that he said it is a trial of public opinion because the judiciary is so corrupt. So where is it all going to go, one wonders? If anywhere?

    • ian says:

      I could also be wrong Danceaway, and I accept that, but it was my first suspicion.

    • ian says:

      A good video Weaver, you should post it. Our research, is fraught with all kinds of traps and dangers for the unwary, and diversions for the too wary. Rheiner, in my opinion was always interesting, and I’ve got a thing for her with the little curl, but using the law against the owners of the law is always going to fail and be a distraction at best. That doesn’t mean that the videos are bad, and they do turn up useful information it’s just that. sadly I feel that pitchforks and burning torches might be the only way.

      Rabbie Burns was brilliant sometimes with words, and his address to a mouse sums up how I feel about our situation. He says, and I paraphrase. He’s wrecked the mouse’s house and has apologised profusely, then says, that the mouse is blessed compared to him, because only the present time bothers it, and while he can’t see into the future, he can guess and fear. I’m afraid that’s where I am regarding the future, I guess and fear. I however still got my picture of her with the curl tucked in my lederhosen pocket. Just kidding.