Rees Mogg sacrifices the North of England to gas greed, destroying England’s water reserves.

Jacob Rees-Mogg lifts fracking ban and says we must tolerate earthquakes ‘in the national interest’  –

(He means his own interests of course)

Business Secretary lifts moratorium and calls for UK to become net energy exporter –

(what’s left of the UK that is)

Yellow ribbons tied to read "Frack Free" on security gates at the Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. exploration gas well site on Preston New Road near Blackpool, UK, on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022
Anti-fracking messages on security gates at a Cuadrilla drilling site near Blackpool CREDIT: Anthony Devlin/ Bloomberg

Jacob Rees-Mogg has scrapped the ban on fracking as he said tremors in Britain’s countryside should be tolerated in the “national interest” –

(as defined by himself)

The Business Secretary said “much has changed” since the Conservatives introduced the moratorium on fracking in 2019, including the energy crisis caused by war in Ukraine.

He said the country will need to “explore all avenues available to us” as he also confirmed plans to issue a wave of new oil and gas licences in the North Sea.

(Just cancel the sanctions.  The war will be over and we can access Russian gas as before.  That might bring his defense industry shares down though)

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Mr Rees-Mogg said: “While HM Government will always try to limit disturbance to those living and working near to sites, tolerating a higher degree of risk and disturbance appears to us to be in the national interest given the circumstances described above.

“With this in mind, it is important that the policy relating to shale gas extraction reflects this.”

The fracking ban was prompted in part by a 2.9 magnitude tremor at a site in Lancashire, and a subsequent investigation which found that it was not possible to accurately predict the probability or magnitude of earthquakes.

TAP – You can be sure he switched his own portfolio in time to benefit.    Fracking the ground and releasing lethal toxic gases will destroy the soil, and especially the water reserves of the North of England.  Water is by far the biggest issue now worldwide.  This is a catastrophic decision.

It will wreck the economy of the North, and any other areas affected, crashing house prices and destroying jobs.  Rees Mogg will probably sell out before it all crashes again as it inevitably will.  No companies can make money out of fracking even with gas prices heading higher.  The destruction of the environment far outweighs any money received for methane – the silent killer – see below documentary from the late Ian R Crane.  The cost is picked up by the destroyed businesses, farms and families.  The government pays any compensation claims, not the fracking companies which roll on with their destruction.

Meantime the sharks like Rees Mogg will be moving in to ride the wave.



5 Responses to “Rees Mogg sacrifices the North of England to gas greed, destroying England’s water reserves.”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Looks like we are going to have to start the resistance again if it does start again. But where is 2022’s Ian Crane? God rest his sou

    But I take some comfort from the founder of Quadrilla:

    “Chris Cornelius, the geologist who founded Cuadrilla Resources, which drilled the UK’s first modern hydraulic fracturing wells in Lancashire, told the Guardian that he believed the government’s support for it is merely a “political gesture”.

    “I don’t think there is any chance of fracking in the UK in the near term.”

    He said that when Cuadrilla had operated here, it had discovered that the geology of the UK was unsuited to widespread fracking operations. “No sensible investors” would take the risk of embarking on large projects here, he said. “It’s very challenging geology, compared with North America [where fracking is a major industry].””


    “But Cornelius said that “would not happen”. Truss’s decision to give the green light to fracking “is not going to have an impact” on the UK’s energy supply, he told the Guardian in an interview. “It makes good soundbites but I can’t see anything happening,” he said.

    In the longer term, he said it was possible there could be a few localised operations, but they would be small and could not make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s energy needs. “They will never be at scale, because the capital costs are a huge issue,” he said.”

    Makes sense to me. Hope he’s correct

  2. Tapestry says:

    Rees Mogg will have to sell his shares quicker than he thought he would. Thanks Pete.

  3. trifle69 says:

    Yes well done Pete and let’s hope that’s correct. No one wants fracking especially with the carbon neutral direction of the government, whether you think climate change is a hoax or not.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks trifle69, yes lets hope so. What he says makes sense but so many things that happen nowadays don’t make any sense at all do they

      And yes fracking is an awful process, as has been well proven here at the Tap. I like to think that, if some stupid corporate controller does try then there is enough knowledge out there to trigger another fierce opposition similar to the wide ranging anti-frack folk, led by Ian Crane last time

      I was involved at the Kirkby Misperton frack site in North Yorkshire at that time, I went down there to support the protests a few times. 2 interesting aspects of that were apparent to me

      1 the anti frack public covered the whole spectrum of UK society from plummy sounding local landowners to broad yorkshire country working class, with everyone in between too

      2 the police were bussed in from further afield, not locals. They were nonplussed at finding themselves facing such a cross section of society with such strong, knowledgeable and reasonable convictions. They were approachable too and not really wanting to be there judging by their body language

      I wasn’t there long in the overall scheme of things, so activists might correct my impressions. There was a camp in a farmers field a mile or so from the site that was permanently occupied by activists. I think Ian stayed there in a caravan. These guys were heroes camping out in the cold