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Poland has begun distributing iodine tablets

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Poland Begins Handing Out Iodine Pills On Fears Of Ukraine Nuclear Plant Meltdown

Poland has begun a program of distributing iodine tablets to emergency workers and first responders, starting with regional fire departments – who can in turn hand them out to the general population – in the event of a possible radioactive disaster at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

A Polish deputy minister first announced the plan on Thursday, warning of the possibility of dangerous radioactive exposure amid continued fighting in neighboring Ukraine, where technicians at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant continue to struggle to maintain safeguards.



5 Responses to “Poland has begun distributing iodine tablets”

  1. danceaway says:


    What are they planning in Poland? Ania K translates documents being prepared for the government to approve.

  2. gpfla says:

    Has anyone ever led at the Hiroshima and Nagasaki pictures after “the” bomb was dropped?

    To me it like like carpet bombing.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    First comment here is awaiting moderation. Maybe because I put 3 links in