No, Pierre Poilievre Isn’t Some Populist Hero; He is Controlled Opposition

ER Editor: So Pierre Poilievre won the leadership race for Canada’s Conservative Party this weekend. Twitter (#poilievre) is all over it. He’s the Big Opponent to WEF boy Trudeau, right? You’d think so from pieces like Toby Young‘s of the Daily Sceptic (excerpted below). Zerohedge is offering us this –

Populism On The Rise In Canada As “Unelectable” Pierre Poilievre Sweeps Conservative Leadership


Poilievre came in at around 68% of the vote, with ‘Laurentian elite’ candidate and longstanding Canadian politician (and globalist) Jean Charest at a mere 16%. Leslyn Lewis, who seems to really have something going for her, came in at almost 10%. A victory for populism? No. Go down, past the Toby Young excerpt for some big picture connectivity. 

Poilievre is far more of a Trojan horse for the globalist crowd. He’s of the Brian Mulroney – Stephen Harper Agenda 21 lineage. How do you suddenly flip 180 degrees? Yet this is what he’d have us believe.

‘Populism’ has been hijacked (or likely created) as a movement by the globalists. Europe tells us this.Anybody who got labelled as some sort of populist saviour, e.g. Sebastian Kurz (Young Global Leader of the WEF) of Austria and Matteo Salvini (who totally caved to Mario Draghi’s government months ago), would later appear to be total shills.  It was just a matter of time. These were two notable figures of the ‘movement’ who were permitted to bang on about unbridled illegal immigration. That was how they seemed ‘populist’. Beyond that, they did precisely zero for the people. Think: Farage. Not the guy we’ve been led to believe he is. Official populists were nowhere to be seen during the Covid tyranny and vaccine madness, and ‘health’ measures designed to create massive unemployment and poverty. Poilievre remained strangely quiet while his fellow countrymen were suffering from all manner of insane ‘health’ policies.

Below we finish with a short video discussion.


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