New Study Calls Geoengineering “Planetary Treason” as Earth’s Biosphere is Collapsing Due to Jet-Sprayed Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

James Marvin Herndon, PhD., from the Transdyne Corporation in San Diego, and Mark Whiteside, the Medical Director of the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County, have just published a study in the “Advances In Social Sciences Research Journal” titled: Collapse of Earth’s Biosphere: A Case of Planetary Treason.

Here is the Abstract:

Earth’s life support systems are breaking down, including the stratospheric ozone layer, which protects all higher life on the planet from deadly ultraviolet radiation. This breakdown is a direct result of human activities including the large-scale manipulation of processes that affect Earth’s climate, otherwise known as geoengineering. We present further evidence that coal fly ash, utilized in tropospheric aerosol geoengineering, is the primary cause of stratospheric ozone depletion, not chlorofluorocarbons, as “decreed” by the Montreal Protocol. The misdiagnosis was a potentially fatal mistake by mankind. Coal fly ash particles, uplifted to the stratosphere, are collected and trapped by polar stratospheric clouds. In springtime, as these clouds begin to melt/evaporate, multiple coal fly ash compounds and elements are released to react with and consume stratospheric ozone. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, the stratospheric ozone layer has already been badly damaged and now increasingly deadly ultraviolet radiation, UV-B and UV-C, penetrates to Earth’s surface. Our time is short to permanently end all geoengineering activities, and to reduce and/or eliminate all sources of aerosolized coal fly ash, including first and foremost the jet-sprayed emplacements into the troposphere that are systematically breaking down Earth’s support systems and poisoning life on this planet.

At the end of the study they conclude:

All geoengineering must cease. All sources of aerosolized coal fly ash must be reduced and eliminated. Tropospheric jet-spraying of coal fly ash and any other particulate matter must cease and desist. That is necessary to salvage what we can of Earth’s vital life support systems, including the stratospheric ozone layer.

Read the full study here.

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New Study Calls Geoengineering “Planetary Treason” as Earth’s Biosphere is Collapsing Due to Jet-Sprayed Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash


4 Responses to “New Study Calls Geoengineering “Planetary Treason” as Earth’s Biosphere is Collapsing Due to Jet-Sprayed Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    This article jogged my memory. Below is what Miles Mathis said in 2015. I didn’t buy it from him then, being convinced it was all weather related. I’m starting to doubt that now. It is grim either way because I see chemtrails regularly above my area, particularly on clear blue sky days

    “With that still ringing in your ear, I will conclude by giving you a taste of future research. I have been looking briefly into Chemtrails, and it looks to me like the whole “bio-engineering” line is a ruse.
    There are some bio-engineering tests going on—cloud seeding and the like—but most trails have nothing to do with that. It appears to me that we simply have an increased amount of air-dumping of pollutants that can’t be dumped on the ground. To see what I mean, remember that they have been
    doing a similar thing with fluoride since the 1940’s. With increased aluminum, fertilizer, and weapons manufacturing, they had a lot fluoride waste that they couldn’t just dump in rivers or in the oceans. Laws were already on the books forbidding it. So someone had the “brilliant” idea of putting it into the drinking water in small amounts. This would effectively dilute it on a nationwide level. The toxicity would be low enough to go unnoticed in most people in the short term, and a profit could even be made by selling it to municipalities as a dentrifice”


    “The first two components are Aluminum and Barium. In bio-engineering circles, they tell us Aluminum is used to reflect light back toward the Sun, but that is a cover story. They are counting on you thinking of the reflectivity of Aluminum in sheets, which is admittedly high. But the reflectivity of Aluminum released as dust from an airplane is minimal. In the concentrations given, it wouldn’t even be as reflective as natural clouds. You will tell me they are using the chemicals to seed the clouds, but Aluminum and Barium aren’t used for that. Silver Iodide, Potassium Iodide, and dry ice are. For this reason and many others, my first assumption is that “global warming mitigation” is more misdirection. The dumping isn’t being done to reflect heat away from the Earth, it is being done to get around existing dumping laws, which (mainly) haven’t yet extended to the atmosphere or space.”

    Starts bottom of page 4 here:

  2. Weaver says:

    That sounds believable Pete the only comment I would make is Bill Gates has mentioned before that he wishes to block out the sun. Whether he has any influence over these chemtrails I cannot say.