Italy and Germany Headed For Economic Suicide As Russia Earns 158 BILLION Euros.

917 views 6 Sept 2022  iearlgrey   Inside Russia

The Bundestag called on the Germans to protest against anti-Russian sanctions:

Erdogan predicted problems for Europe in the winter due to the refusal of Russian gas:

Russia Privately Warns of Deep and Prolonged Economic Damage:

Reshetnikov called a Bloomberg article about a recession in Russia a “working horror story”:

Zakharova: US and EU are pushing Italy towards economic suicide:

Shulginov spoke about Russia’s work on insurance of sea transportation of oil:

Majority of Russians support special operation in Ukraine, poll shows:

Imports of fossil fuels from Russia:

Financing Putin’s war: Fossil fuel exports from Russia in the first six months of the invasion of Ukraine:

Financing Putin’s war: Fossil fuel imports from Russia during the invasion of Ukraine:

Russia and OPEC+ countries agreed to reduce the amount of oil produced in October: