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Is Italy’s New Anti-One World Government Prime Minister Just Another Globalist Trojan Horse?

2nd Smartest Guy in the World — Sept 29, 2022

In a recent substack article Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was presented as an anti-globalist crusader that vehemently supports family values and national sovereignty:


But what if Meloni is simply yet another WEF puppet “penetrator” using reverse psychology to win the hearts and minds of her nation, when in reality she has been installed into power to surreptitiously advance the Great Reset agenda?

What if Meloni is just another Rockefeller asset, and member of their Aspen Institute?

It is worth noting that the Aspen Institute has been awarded contracts by George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

What if was since her teenage years Meloni was a bonafide socialist?

What if Meloni is a supporter of the One World Government homosexual comedian pretending to be a straight married man that was installed off of a CIA coup by the CIA and functions as a weaponized money laundering node that is nothing more than a puppet ensuring that PSYOP-UKRAINE-WAR continues to drag on as long as possible while exacerbating all of the other various Cult psyops?



What if Meloni is the One World Government WEF/UN/CRF apparatchik analogue to Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s new Conservative Party leader?


What if just like Pierre Poilievre Italy’s new prime minister supported the draconian PSYOP-19 mandates and was in favor of the COVID-19 passports and associated Digital Green Passport which is nothing more than the full-blown social credit score precursor?



In this context it is important to note that in fall of 2021, Italy announced that any worker in the public or private sector must have a Digital Green Certificate with a QR code that contains proof of either full vaccination, recent recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test within 48 hours. Meloni was fully behind this scam.

In a since deleted tweet, Meloni wrote:

On vaccines we need to have the humility of trusting the scientific community. I think going back would be a mistake. It’s a topic that must not be dealt with on an ideological level: let those who are competent decide which vaccines are necessary and mandatory.

What if a psychotic Cult asset like Hillary Clinton supported a “fascist” like Meloni?



What if Meloni is anything but a rightwing conservative?

What if she is nothing more than a WEF and UN trojan horse?

In today’s world nothing is certainly as it seems.

Now that so many people all around the world are on to the One World Government and their UN and the WEF assets, it would make perfect sense to groom a new generation of infiltrators that would say all of the right things against their very handlers as they continue to advance the Great Reset.

Be leery.


Do NOT comply.

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DEVELOPING: Is Italy’s New Anti-One World Government Prime Minister Just Another Globalist Trojan Horse?


2 Responses to “Is Italy’s New Anti-One World Government Prime Minister Just Another Globalist Trojan Horse?”

  1. ian says:

    To be honest, I have absolutely no trust or faith in any political figure. They do what they’re told or they’re removed, one way or another. ie JFK, Jeremy Corbyn, or Robin Cook.