4 Responses to “Irish teacher is sentenced to jail for refusing to call a boy a girl!”

  1. ian says:

    Yes I know it’s wrong, but in reality, he was jailed for defying a court order which forbade him from attending school.

  2. David 2 says:

    Thanks Ian. These are not the headlines that we are used to seeing.
    However it does highlight the issue of the gender identity agenda and we need to clear our own thinking on the subject. Would you or I comply and call a boy a girl because the school mandates it?
    The same applied to Covid and some of us did not comply and get the shots. It will apply to Climate Change and some farmers will refuse to comply.

    • ian says:

      Hi David, please don’t think that I was making light of the article in any way, as essentially it’s true. I agree and to me it seems very wrong to be forced to comply with what appears to be unacceptable rules.

      It puts us all in difficult situations. Some people for example think that I’m racist because of my views on immigration. Also if I personally knew a trans-sexual who I liked and the asked me to use their pronouns, I would, but to be ordered to is different.

      • David 2 says:

        Ian, I never doubted your sincerity. Someday you and I will discuss these times, hopefully it will be over a hearty meal and some wine.