How the Royal Family secretly owns the world

The British Royal Family owns the world, and their secret wealth is unimaginable to comprehend. There are a lot of statistics and figures that illustrate just how rich the Royal Family is, that until last week was led by Queen Elizabeth II. However, most of these numbers are inaccurate, to say the least.

King Charles III is now the reigning monarch of the British Empire, or at least what remains of it. And with that, he’s now the head of the wealthiest (and arguably most powerful) family on the planet. And according to the highest laws that govern land ownership, Charles now owns every single piece of land in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many other places.

But there’s more to Charles’ newfound power. Like laws that enable his family’s secrets to be preserved, and his wealth to be hidden. Things that are likely not to change under the new monarch’s watch.

0:00 – The secret wealth of the Royal Family
0:40 – How Queen Elizabeth owned the world
2:30 – The hidden riches of the new King Charles
3:56 – The Crown’s “Royal Collection” and Masterworks
5:12 – How “The Firm” conceals its wealth
6:49 – Financial changes in the Commonwealth
7:43 – Some final thoughts


4 Responses to “How the Royal Family secretly owns the world”

  1. newensign says:

    This is not basically true Danceaway. When Britain went bankrupt in the early in the early 1800’s the Rothschilds took control of all UK assets including those of the Royal family. Confirmation can be seen in the Sky video of the privy council meeting of Charles handing over all the Monarch’s assets to “the Government” in reality, the banking cartel in London. Only the white colonies belonged to the Royal Crown with the exception of Gibraltar, while those of India, Africa and far east belonged to the City of London Crown. In return the Government agree to give King Charles 25%in return to maintain his palaces and carry out his duties. That’s why the code word for notifying the Queen’s death was “London Bridge” alluding to the ditty London Bridge is falling down! That is, their ill-gotten gains rely on the Royal Crown!!

  2. Weaver says:

    Very interesting newensign its always the same people taking control.

    • newensign says:

      Sorry Weaver I addressed this to Danceaway by mistake! Yes, its all about hiding where the control is, so that when things go pear shaped for them, they won’t know who the real enemy is. and who to go after!!

  3. tormos11 says:

    any truth in this then?